A Funny Way to Get Noticed

4 years ago
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Nothing against Blow Jobs 101 or whatever the blog is called, but I want to get noticed too. Since I posted a video showing lots of my boobage and cleavage the other day, I have had the most hits to date on BlogHer. And since I just officially began on BlogHer I won't be so hard on myself. Just remember folks, I am a comedy writer so please take all that I say lightly....very, very lightly!! But if you need a good laugh, take it all in and don't miss a thing. I like to pay great attention to detail. My favorite thing is parody and I adore improv or loosely scripted stuff. I can take just a few bullet points and run with it...which is exactly what I did when I wrote today's featured video. It's from my show on YouTube called 'Mock Food Network Mystery Basket Challenge' and it's all about Rachael Ray or 'Rach' as I like to call her sometimes. Her food is just delish, yummo, mmm! mmm! mmm!

A little back story on how I came to write a Food Network parody show...after trying out for The Food Network for many years and never getting a callback or an email etc. I finally decided to try a different approach for my own sanity. I remembered writing a parody of The Barefoot Contessa in a sketch group that I had joined years ago but never did anything with the script. I dug it out and made just a few tweaks and voila! The Food Network parody show was born...

In today's featured Rachael Ray episode, 'Rachael' will be making 'Graham Cracker Green Bean Snackers'!!!!!