Gifts for the FarmVille, FrontierVille and Cafe World Fans on Your List

7 years ago

There are probably some folks on your holiday shopping list who are a little difficult to buy for, you know the ones. The people who have everything. The people who don't want anything. The people who don't like anything. The people who don't have any hobbies. The people whose only hobby appears to be hanging out on Facebook playing Zynga games such as FarmVille, FrontierVille, and Cafe World. Yeah. Those people.

People such as my mom, my partner, my ex-partner, my best friend from my childhood, my former coworkers, BlogHer CEs, my current coworkers, the son of one of the founders of BlogHer. And before you start to think it's just the people on MY friends list, take a peek at today's Facebook Apps Leaderboard from AppData. Farmville has pretty much owned the top apps position all year long.


Since all of our friends and family members are playing, why not give them a gift that makes them smile ... a gift such as a handful of Zynga game cards. They are available at Target, Walmart, 7-11, grocery stores and drugstores - places you're probably already going, right? Or you can make it even easier on yourself by sending Zynga game cards via email.

If that's not quite your style, here are some other great ideas that are sure to please the Zynga fans.

For Farmville Lovers

An I'd rather be farming t-shirt because I guarantee you, they would rather be farming than hanging out around the Christmas tree, yule log, or dreidel without their laptops.

If your favorite farmer is also a bit of a greenie, try a necklace made from Farmville gift cards.

Some of your farming friends try to pretend they don't have a problem - I say encourage them to embrace their addiction with this Farmville addict necklace.


Farmville Addcit

Who doesn't want a diamond tennis Farmville bracelet for the holidays?

And one of my very favorite gifts, for the farmer who does sometimes step away from the laptop and pick up the long pointy sticks, Farmville stitch markers. Aren't they cute?


Farmville stitch markers

Another of my personal favorites, the Farmville cupcake toppers. I used to blog cupcake toppers every Friday ... those were the good old days ... before Farmville was even a gleam in Zynga's wallet.

For CafeWorld Lovers

This Cafe World ring is kind of like a Super Bowl ring, don't you think? And how many servings of Fish-n-Chips have been sent to you by Cafe World players?


Cafe World Ring

Probably not as many servings as you've received of Voodoo Chicken. Everyone should have a Voodoo Chicken Salad T-shirt. What is Voodoo Chicken Salad anyway?

For Frontierville Lovers

Frontierville is the newest Zynga game and so there aren't quite as many gifts available (someone with a little bit of crafty talent and initiative could make a killing, the market is WIDE open!), but the gift I did find is bound to become a classic.

Have you brushed your bull today? I bet you have, if you play Frontierville.

On the off-chance that your Zynga-playing friends already have those gifts, you can never go wrong with a gift that says Facebook.

Bonus Facebook Lover Gifts

The well-dressed infant is wearing a Facebook Onesie this year.

You Like This T-shirt - you know you like everything that comes across your wall, don't you?

A "Like" necklace is a beautiful accessory to the "Like" t-shirt. Maybe you should buy the t-shirt and the necklace. You can never have enough "Likes" in your life - or on your wall.


Like Necklace

I'm a big fan of laptop stickers or iPad stickers. I'm tempted to buy these "Like" Decals for myself. Not kidding. These are cool. I LIKE them.

Go ahead and shop, your farm/cafe/frontier will be there when you're done - and I'm sure your neighbors will water your crops and refill the coffee pot and whack your wood while you're shopping.

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