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5 years ago
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It is so hard to voice political opinions when you are talking friendships. 
You want to respect one another. 
I have been very careful to not voice my opinion online.

I was just over on my Facebook page and found so many people I respect and care about are complaining about the outcome of the election. 

I keep reading that they are praying.

I pray too, a lot.

I prayed before the election and I hope that what has happened is because of that prayer. 

I prayed that my three boys would always be safe from conflict. 

I don't pray for husband’s business to be profitable. 

I pray for our health and for the health of our family and friends.

I even pray that those that aren't as fortunate as we are can find someone to help them. 

I pray that there are resources available for those we love and I pray that our lawmakers will use our tax money to take care of Americans and even help take care of anyone in need, anywhere.

I pray for my dad who has worked hard his whole life and cannot retire because he has a preexisting condition that forces him to work and only take a job that offers the same brand of health insurance. 

I thank God regularly that when I was put on bed rest at 13 weeks pregnant with twins, and was told to not name them, that they were born alive. 

My health insurance expired because I couldn't return to work because my babies needed around the clock care and my husband was in medical school. 

When a specialist said my tiny baby needed surgery, I began sobbing because I knew we couldn't afford Cobra insurance coverage. 

I pray and thank God regularly that I live in a country that takes care of it's people. 

Twins Bond
I prayed and thanked God for the social worker who came into the room and put her arm around me and said that she would help me fill out the paperwork to have MY government assist us in paying for the surgery. We ended up eventually with five surgeries. Only the first two did we have to have assistance.

I was changed that day forever and I still cannot tell this story without crying.

I am crying as I write this.

I was a lifelong republican before this experience. 

Now I am a listener and a person who doesn’t judge. I don’t even judge based of your affiliation. I vote based on your beliefs and I don’t mean religion. That has nothing to do with how I vote. I vote for the person that is aligned with my convictions, the best another person can be. 

I don’t judge. I don’t know what that person endured that made them flee their country for a better life. I know that my ancestors did the same back when people weren’t standing at the borders with guns. They came to America when people called the Irish drunks and the Italians dirty. 

How can we forget what our great country was founded on? How can we not realize that complaining about illegals working for below a living wage and at jobs that American’s aren’t interested in doing is wrong. How can we condemn people for wanting an education to better their future generations, despite how they came into our country? 

Immigrants, legal or illegal, love our country. That is why they are here. That is why they have enlisted into our armed forces and that is why they want their children to be educated here.

What is a sin is judging others or assuming that someone that has needed assistance is lazy.

I assure you. I am not lazy. My physician husband is not lazy. We needed help when our children were sick. I promise you we have repaid every bit of it back in taxes and in charitable donations and with a smile on our faces.

We believe in paying it forward.

One of the biggest determining factors, when it came to voting, was international relations.

I don't care about the price of gas.  It shouldn't be cheaper than a gallon of milk. 

If we did not reelect Obama so many other countries would have lost faith in what America stands for. 

No President can accomplish much in the first four years and certainly not after what Obama inherited. 

I just hope we all pull together as friends and as a country. 

I remember how hurt I was when Bush was reelected and so I feel for you. 

I feel for all of you that are moaning and complaining about your prayers not being answered. Perhaps they were, and you just don’t know it yet.


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