Friends From My Childhood

BlogHer NaBloPoMo Tuesday, May 1, 2012 (I seemed to have gotten yesterday and today's prompts confused)

Who did you play with as a child?

After we moved to our single family home in Bausman PA, I played with a gal from school named Karen.  She lived a few blocks away from my house.  She didn’t like to do the same kinds of things I did, she was a girly girl and liked to play with Barbies.  I like to build forts and climb trees.  

I had another friend named Robin, and we got in trouble together pretty regularly.  I’m fairly certain her parents did not like me.  One time I “tanned” under her sunlight and got so sunburned my eyelids were just about swollen shut.  Robin was a little younger than I was, and she had a sister named Bonnie who was my age.  Bonnie seemed boring to me because she was a bookworm and didn’t like to do the things Robin and I did.  Robin gave me my first cigarette.  I remember getting so light headed I had to lie down on her sofa.  I was 13.  

Then there was Dave.  Dave and I became friends shortly after we moved to Bausman.  He was my age and had cool toys like erector sets and radios and trains.  He didn’t have a dog so he liked me to pretend I was his puppy.  I remember being uncomfortable doing it then, but now it seems just plain weird.  We fell out of touch when we went to middle school as he was in public school and I was little Miss Catholic Girl.  

Thinking further back, when we lived in Lancaster on Winthrop Drive, I had 2 friends who were twins with pure blond hair.  They lived up the street from my house, on the street that I dreamt opened up and swallowed cars and people during an earthquake.  I think that is my earliest remember of a nightmare.   

Back to the Twins.  Kim and Lynn were a little younger than me too, but we lived in a neighborhood where everyone were friends.  One day the Twins and I decided to play hairdresser.  I cut their bangs and boy did I get into trouble.  We weren’t allowed to play together anymore.   

My earliest childhood memory of friendship was the little boy next door.  He and I played “doctor” together.  My grandmother caught us.   I remember getting into serious trouble and I wasn’t sure why.  Shortly after that we moved to Bausman.

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