Freaky Facebook Ads

5 years ago

Facebook ads have been a nuisance since they began invading the right and left hand navigation on every page, and even the space between posts.

The surreal landscape of an ad-free Facebook screen was littered with the trash of flashing, looping, talking and ill-fitting ads about six months ago, and I'm still not okay with their presence.

Lately, however, they're getting downright weird. For example, we know that social platforms are responsive with their ad content, right? So, if I make a post about collaborating with my therapist colleagues, then as soon as I hit the send button, the ads on my page begin flashing messages to me about counseling programs in online universities.

The "downright" weird is found within the visuals...check this one out:

This is "downright" weird to me because the image is well-fitting for a domestic violence program, but substance abuse? So - substance abuse gives you black eyes? Well, perhaps...but also: missing teeth, needle tracks in your arms, dark circles under your eyes...there are so many other visual images that tell the story of substance abuse a bit better than a female with a black eye.

But that's not the weirdest one. Check this one out:

This ad highlights a creepy fake baby with high cheekbones and tweezed eyebrows, not to mention an unusually perfect oval-shaped head.

I would think that even if people WERE thinking about becoming social workers, they wouldn't be MORE inclined after seeing that ad. Rather, they might want to avoid that particular program because the baby looks like it could take on Chucky and possibly win.

In fact, this baby gives me flashbacks to the Allie McBeal dancing baby that was all the rage in the 90s:

I'm not sure what's going on with the Facebook ad people, but it seems to me that there are some folks in the cyber-world who aren't quite sure about photos that convey the product they're trying to sell. Well, unless they're trying to sell AVERSION! If that's the case, then they're doing a GREAT job.

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