Four Web Design Trends for 2013

5 years ago
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No matter how happy I am with my web and blog design, there is just something about the New Year that makes me want to jump in and re-vamp. Rather than spend my time doing that, I thought I would give you a glimpse of the design trends for 2013, and what you can expect from Elaine Griffin Designs in the coming year.

Boston Globe responsive web design from wikipedia

I have read several articles in the last couple of months to prepare for this post. Although the number of trends for 2013 range from three to 13, I’m going to give you the four that I think are the most valuable; responsive design, minimalist design, full page backgrounds and custom photography, and designed typography.

Responsive Design

Responsive design simply means your web or blog layout will look good on screens of all sizes. While this has been an emerging trend in recent years, it is becoming increasingly vital to design for all devices, as in 2012 mobile devices, including phones and tablets, accounted for over 13% of all web page views. For example, see The Boston Globe displayed across devices image above, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Minimalist Design

Think whitespace here. Full screen content, text-based navigation, and an elimination of frivolous graphics. I love this since I believe the two most important aspects of a website or blog design should be the logo and the content, and focusing on white space will allow designers and content writers to do just that.  

minimalist web design from tapmates, Elaine Griffin Designs

Tapmates uses fonts, colors, and white space to show exactly what you can expect from them. Their site happens to be one page, too.


Full Page Backgrounds, Custom Photography, and Single Page Layouts

This is fabulous for anyone who wants to show off a portfolio, whether it be design, photography, original artwork, and even e-commerce product images. This design concept also works well with single page layouts, another hot trend for 2013. No fuss, no muss, just the important information at hand! 

portfolio demo from theme forest, Elaine Griffin Designs

One page portfolio demo from Theme Forest


Designed Typography

As someone who will take a beautiful font over a custom graphic any day, I’m particularly excited about this last item. Fonts are going to play a huge role in web design in 2013 and beyond. Thanks to Google Fonts and the use of the @Font-Face rule, designers have a limitless amount of custom fonts at their fingertips. Expect to see wide open sites with beautiful fonts replacing custom graphics.  

Typography from Vignet, Elaine Griffin Designs

Viget enhances their minimal graphics with elegant, easy to read fonts.


Overall, the words I would use to describe 2013 are over-sized, open, straight-forward, and accessible. I've got some custom designs and templates in the works that use these trends. 2013 is going to be beautiful!

What design trends are you looking forward to seeing more of in 2013?


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