Foods that regrow

5 years ago
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Reusable foods: a growing list.
 I had posted a list earlier about some foods that you don't have to throw away, you can put them in a pot and regrow them. Check this post out for the guides on green onions, and garlic. This time we will be talking about some of our best spuds.
  What is first on the table?
   Sweet Potatoes! Who doesn't love a sweet potato? If you have never had one, pick one up next shopping trip. You can prepare them just like a regular potato. My favorite way to make a sweet potato is to mash them up, and add cinnamon and brown sugar. My wife taught me this.
     To regrow a sweet potato do this. Take the bottoms of the sweet potato , jam some tooth picks in the sides. Suspend the potato over a glass of water so it is partly submerged. Put the cup of water in a sunny spot, and wait a few weeks. Add water as needed. Now you will have roots on bottom and shoots on top. Divide your potato up, and plant. Harvest your new Sweet potatoes when the leaves turn yellow.
Potato. Do the same for potatoes as you did the sweet potato.
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