Food Bloggers Fight Back With Ecards: How to Share Recipes Online

4 years ago

Food bloggers far and wide share their passion for cooking on the Internet each and every day. They love getting in the kitchen to create new dishes and can’t wait to write down the recipe, photograph it and share it all with their friends and followers. They love when they are shared again and again, as long as it’s being shared properly. You may be asking, why am I bringing this up?

Images: Courtesy of Ecards

There have been too many instances of improper sharing of recipes online, on Facebook in particular; it seems some people believe if a recipe is on the Internet, it’s there for them to use as they wish. While that may be true for personal use, when it comes to sharing what you see on the Internet, giving credit to the originator is essential.

We all learned at a young age that copying others’ work and pretending it is ours is wrong. If you want to feature someone’s work, you need to give them proper credit. Food bloggers are no different. Just because we publish our work on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s there for people to take and post as their own.

When someone copies and pastes portions of our blog posts online, there is no link back to the blogger who created the recipe. The food blogging community often sees a new Facebook page pop up that shares bloggers’ recipes in their entirety, word for word. A reader would assume it belongs to the person who posted it on their Facebook page; but they are often mistaken.

Bloggers have social sharing buttons on their posts to make it easy for you to share. Click on the Facebook button and a photo from the post along with the link to the post will be posted to your Facebook account. Social sharing buttons allow you to share the post properly, giving credit to the blogger with a link back to the post.

A group of food bloggers and I were chatting about how to get the word out about how to properly share blog posts. Ecards were mentioned as something that gets a lot of shares on Facebook. So I hopped on over to and started picking out the background color and photos. In minutes, I whipped up these Ecards, so everyone could use them. If you are a food blogger, feel free to share them to help us get the word out.

Now let me get back in the kitchen; I’m sure I have dishes to do.

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