Food Blogger Holiday Confessions: Food Is the New Four-Letter F-Word

4 years ago

My friends, food is the new four-letter F word.

Man, do I get tired of food.

Looking at food, thinking about food, making food, cooking food, writing about food, tweeting about food, Facebooking about food and creating with food.

This time of year is exceptionally crazy for any food blogger who makes a living off of their site. Indeed let's broaden that to any food blogger with an active blog that they like to keep up to date.


We have no less than three major holidays in three months, October, November and December.

Let's equate this to a real job, shall we?  Actually, I should probably stop calling this a fake job some day, but what fun would that be?

Three major holidays means that on top of what I have to post--and I try to write at least every two days, if not daily lately--that I have to come up with around five new recipes for each holiday. So that's like your boss coming up to you and giving you five more projects to complete every month on top of your regular work--for three months in a row. I can't stop doing my regular work, such as dinner recipes, soups and rants such as this one to keep you all entertained and just post Christmas recipes or I'll become a one-trick Christmas pony. No, those recipes are all on top of what I regularly have to write.

If I want to keep up with the internetz and all its infinite food bloggers, I have to make that number more like ten. Or fifteen. Or as many as I can churn out possibly in three months.

My drafts folder in the back end of my site is huge, and while I can't claim those are all ideas, most of them are. Some are old posts that have no pictures (lost in the Great Website Crash of 2010) that I still haven't had time to fix, but those are few and far between now. Most of the drafts are hastily written ideas, recipes and some are simply a title without any text in the post, of something that I want to make.

One...hundred....and forty-eight....blinking....posts to do in some capacity or another.

Lord help me.

Image: Courtesy of The Kitchen Magpie

When I get an idea for a recipe, instead of writing it on a piece of paper that gets lost, I put in into a new post on WordPress and save it as a draft. Then instead of getting lost, it just gets, well, the dang thing still gets lost, this time only in the pages upon pages of ideas I have.

So ladies and gentleman, there's a peek into my closetful of skeletons...only it's a WordPress dashboard full of skeleton posts just waiting to be brought back to life.

So while I rarely tire of writing--let's hope that continues and that I get around to tackling that book in my head, speaking of things yet to be written--I surely get tired of food this time of year.

I've already started my Christmas baking and shooting the photos. I have no less than four under my belt already, with at least another six planned to make that total of ten. I'm living in my kitchen and my local Safeway, with the Bulk Barn thrown in for good measure.

My oven is filthy, my dishwasher hasn't stopped running, and my kitchen table and buffet is basically one big photo prop studio at the moment.

The moral of the story?

Sometimes, even food bloggers get tired of food. We get tired of baking, creating, the mess it makes, cooking, shopping and more. We all like to post pretty pictures of our food in the final posts and have a perfect written recipe to go with it, but let me assure you of a few things.

Our kitchens are just as messy as yours are. No, messier. Really. We just clean them for photos but that is our workspace, literally. It's like expecting a carpenter not to have sawdust in his workshop. Not gonna happen.

We burn stuff on a regular basis.

We completely bork up recipes beyond belief.

Most important:

We all order out when we don't feel like cooking, and there are many, many days we don't feel like cooking.

Now, I am off to spend a Sunday with my darlings and take them swimming. I will not think of food. I will not be thinking of recipes in my head. I'm going to step away from the website, Christmas cookies and all, then come back tomorrow with a delicious new recipe for you to enjoy.

Because although I really love what I do, Food is totally a swear word some days.



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