The Food Awakening

4 years ago

The Food Awakening



My food awakening began after viewing a documentary on Netflix one day. My husband and I had just finished the last episode in the last season of Ugly Betty and were looking for something different. Something to perhaps cheer us up after ending our time with characters we had come to know and love.

Well, scrolling through the list of titles we landed on Food Inc. I thought to myself, "This looks interesting. I love food and this has food in the title. Let's do it!" We turned it on and OH MY about a rude awakening! I'm not one who is completely ignorant to the poor state of our food system and the treatment of animals, but being presented with tortuous images of factory farms and the sickening health concerns in products that we are told are "safe" to consume, was hard to bear. To be honest, it made me nauseous.

One documentary after another... Forks over Knives, Food Matters, King Corn, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead... I couldn't take it anymore. Story after story and image after image of perceived health in what we are being sold on a mass scale. And most of us, if we are honest, buy into it without question. I had. I wasn't a completely unhealthy eater. I ate veggies on a regular basis and kept sweets and junk food to a minimum. But there were two questions that I couldn't answer. Where did all the food I ate come from and how did it get to my dinner table? Obviously I went to the store and bought it with my own money. But really. Before that. Where did it start and what did it go through to get to the store shelves?

In order to begin to have an answer to those questions for my family and I, we would have to go back to the basics. To the garden...continue.

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