Following to a "D".

3 years ago

Do I follow recipes to a "T"? No.

I follow recipes and life to a "D".

“D” for Dani.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, "that is not the way you do it". Or "you can't do that like that". Or "why do you think you can do it like that"? Well, I'd be with pockets full of dough...

I spoke about how much I like to watch cooking shows. I may have mentioned that I watch the shows and see how a recipe is made and then I make it. I don't write the recipe down; I just watch and then recreate it. It's not a big deal. Along this same line, I am pretty sure I can remove sutures. Diagnose illness. Perhaps sew. Possibly write a book. Most likely save a life. Oh and deliver a baby.

I have seen all this done before and I am a visual learner.

I think anything is possible. For the most part. I think that there is always a way, if there is a will. I am nothing if not willful.....I mean wishful...errr delusional.....

It's one of those.

I have taken some unconventional paths to my place in this world. Or maybe I followed a blueprint?

I always thought I would be a lawyer. I wanted the high powered career with the power suit. But then again....I am super lazy. I like short cuts and I think I am too brilliant. These are NOT attributes.

I once went to a class for the first 2 weeks and then only on test days. I went in to take the final and got a B+. I failed the class. Turns out class participation was 50% of the grade. Makes was Spanish class. Undeterred, I appealed to the professor who said if I could carry on a conversation with her, she would reconsider.......I deserved the "F", I earned the B-.

Wonder if she knows she started me on the path to believing I could negotiate my way out of anything.....

It has come in super handy I gotta say. I have used the skill with the IRS, the DMV, the FBI and the CIA. I am lying about the last two.

I heard myself telling my child that, "The world does not think you are special. You are required to follow the rules. There are no shortcuts in life. Snap out of it"!

Luckily, I am brilliant enough to know that teaching my girls my evil ways will not serve them well in life. Fortunately, they haven't really seen any hard evidence to the contrary of what I am telling them so I have that going for me. Whereas years ago I would have openly touted my triumph over "the system", today, with my much heralded job as a Super Mom in full effect....I gotta keep the deception and "Dani law" on the DL.

(down low) 

My older daughter is sly but not slick. My youngest is slick but not sly. It's pretty awesome. Clearly I was and am BOTH so they are hopeless in their efforts to outwit or outlast me. Bahahahahah<-------evil laugh.

They both have learned amazing negotiating skills by witnessing both of their parents constantly negotiate. My husband is a "last word" kind of guy. I am a "last comment" kind of gal. My girls both imitate these "lasts". How odd it must seem to them, that although their eyes and ears tell them it is the path to "success", they repeatedly fail in their pursuit to victory.

I don't like to be talked over so their skills need some fine tuning. I sound awesome don't I? Jury is still out on that one.

Obvi there is no set "recipe" for success in life or love or anything. Recipes are for dinner. And feel free to substitute ingredients. Use what you have in your larder. Make up your own damn recipe. Improv your way through it. It's so much fun!!!!!

Of course you have to play to your audience. My friend, Kristy, does NOT want steak for dinner and I don't want mouthy, entitled girls for daughters.

However, telling the DMV that my license was lost so I could get a better picture and my younger sister could use my license as her fake ID....well...that called for some improv......

Not my best example but I need to stay out of jail so I am being careful.

Everyone should have a bit of "Dani law" in them. A bag of tools that help you reach your goals. A set of "recipes", tried and true, that specifically works for you. These practices should be legal for the most part. A bend here or there won't uproot the system and it may provide a blueprint for someone else's success. My legal career would have been stellar. I am teacher as well. Not like with a credential or anything but I can teach.

I can help you with your Spanish maybe?

Let's talk about it...not in Spanish but you know....

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