Fly away with me....

5 years ago

“Oh, no…. Not another one,” I said to myself, as the siren blasted in my office.  I grabbed my keys, phone, coat and bag, and walked into the large room where most of the team sat.  “Come on, we got to go,” I instructed them.


“Ugh, again” one of the girls groaned.


“How many false alarms are we going to have anyway?” One of the guys asked.  “What is this, the third one this week?”


“No, I think this is the fourth,” another girl snarked.


As we started to make our way out of the building, another guy asked, “Why can’t we just stay here?  This is such a waste of time already, and it is freezing out.”


“Because if we don’t go, we will get a fine by the fire department,” I answered, as I rolled my eyes, because like everyone else, my patience was shot too. “Come on. Let’s just get this over with.”


Slowly, we all walked down the four flights of stairs from our office.  Our building is undergoing major renovations, and while it is slowly being transformed from blasé to beautiful, the downside is the contractors keep tripping the fire alarms.  More times than not we find ourselves outside, shivering rather than inside working.


Occupants from all of the offices, including patients from the physicians’ offices stood together outside waiting for the all clear.  Finally, someone from inside the building waved the crowd in.  Everyone quickly made their way back inside the building and ascended the stairs.    My group and I weren’t in our office for more than two minutes when we heard the siren’s approach.  We rushed over to the large window that faced the street below and saw that two fire trucks appeared outside our building and the fireman were getting off the truck.


“Come on,” I called out once again.  “The firemen are here.  We need to go down again.”  Everyone groaned once more as yet again, we walked down the four flights of stairs and out into the cold. 

When we were outside, one of the guys turned to me and asked, “If the firemen are here now, whoever gave the all clear?”


“I have no idea. I just saw everyone walk inside, so I walked in too.”


“Yeah, so did I…  You know, it is pretty sad,” he mused.  We are no better than a flock of geese.  We just follow someone without even knowing why.”

Do you follow, lead, or question before acting?


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