Flipboard: A New Way to Flip that Marketing Switch for Visual Impact

4 years ago
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Marketing Fact: We are sensory creatures who respond to visual stimulation. Words can fill in the gaps, but “Diamonds Are Forever!”

The latest innovative marketing tool is called Flipboard and does just what the name implies. It is engaging and you can’t stop yourself from “thumbing” through its pages. So what is it and how can it promote your brand?


What Is It??!!

Flipboard is a social network aggregation, magazine-format application software made for mobile. It collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company.

In essence, it is your personal magazine populated by content you care about. It aggregates content you wish to present and even allows you to browse sections from thought-provoking blogs, enchanting photography, breaking news or other relevant topics.

How Can It Promote Your Brand?

You can quickly build your brand’s Flipboard by populating it with topical information your customers would want to read and experience. For example, if you are a coffee brand, use feeds and articles relevant to your industry – articles, updates, photos and videos all in a beautiful magazine-style format. You can even select content and arrange it by sections and add your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well. Flipboard brings this all together in a beautiful customized visual presentation.

It’s easy to create, edit and share your branded magazine from the web. The “Flip It” feature allows you to create magazines and relevant content from the Internet to your Flipboard. Its editor feature gives you managing control of your magazines from an easy to use dashboard. You can rearrange and delete items, create covers and share your magazines with customers, your network of friends and followers.

Flipping Out!

You will not only fall in love with this application, but use it to effectively market your brand. When people experience novel content it makes an impact. They will be very likely to share it with their networks, giving it a viral component. It is an excellent branding tool and you can even ask for contributors from within your company and from your customers at large. Again, you can visually brand anything using Flipboard. Take advantage of this technology and be the first to use it for your brand (before the next best, greatest tool).

Join in for #FlipboardFriday

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Last but not least, here are some Flipboard examples for inspiration:

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Janette Leon-Speyer