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As the owner of a staffing firm and a specialist in the employment  market you can imagine when someone finds out what I do for a living  they are curious about the market conditions.  Over the past two years I have had countless people comment on the numerous amount of people whom are without jobs and the uncertainty in the job market, and of course I agree with them to a certain extend.  There are many different things  to consider when you are discussing the unemployed: where they live and  how willing they are to travel, industry specialty and field of  employment, level of position, and the selection and the overall  flexibility of the individual candidate.

To lend you insight into the full picture and give you a direct example of a recent occurrence  at our firm, I will provide you with a story of two separate candidates  that came to us two weeks ago seeking employment.  Our first candidate  had a solid and stable background, held a degree and had all of the  credentials – except flexibility and attitude.  This candidate had been  unemployed for nearly 8 months.  She would not consider a different  position, would not travel out of the town in which she lived, and would not consider even the slightest decrease from her last salary =  completely inflexible.  Because she has been unemployed for quite some  time she also had a poor attitude and didn’t present herself as a  pleasant person.  She had become tainted and poisoned by her  circumstances.

The second candidate that came in two days later  had the same exact credentials including a delightful personality.  She  exuded confidence, flexibility, (she told us she would commute from  Hartford, CT to Manhattan) and was willing to lower her salary up to  $20,000.00.  Within two days we had an interview for her and she was  hired permanently for the exact salary she had made at her previous  position.  She didn’t have to go to Hartford or Manhattan but was able  to replicate the same commute as she had in her previous position.  In  addition, she never actually even hit the unemployment market, because  her company gave her notice.  My point in telling you this story is  attitude and flexibility account for a great portion of your job search.  In today’s market you must exude confidence and an award winning  personality – otherwise you will immediately be out of contention for  that second interview.  Remain flexible in every way possible ensuring  that you have all of the bases covered at home.  If you need help from  neighbors or friends, don’t be afraid to ask – everyone needs a little  assistance now and then.  Once you secure your new position and show the firm that you are competent and reliable and have created tenure, firms become much more accommodating and flexible as no one wants to lose a  talented and skilled employee.

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