Five Groovy New Pinterest Features

4 years ago

Pinterest is still in the process of rolling out the new look to all users, and although I haven’t been using Pinterest much in these past few weeks, I have switched over and given it a good look around. Here are my five favorite new Pinterest features.

More Options

pinterest hover barsWhen you click on a pin, there are several options displayed at the top. In the previous version of Pinterest you had to hover over the pin to see these options. This is no longer the case with clicked on pins. Not only do these options show up without hovering, they are also sticky. That means this option bar travels with you as you scroll down through the pin, so you don’t have to scroll back up to use the options. In addition, when you  hover over the image, a bar is revealed with the web address of the pin, and if you click it, the site opens in a new window. Awesome!

pinterest more optionsHere is what is on the options bar at the top of the pin:

  • There is a new, red “pin it” button that replaced the white “repin” button. To the right of that is the number of times a pin has been repined.
  • A “like” button, which also shows the number of likes for the pin.
  • A “website” button that takes you to the website of the original pin, which opens in a new window.
  • A “share” button , which allows   you to share on Twitter or Facebook, email, or embed.
Even More Options

pinterest even more optionsPinterest is really stepping up the game as far as helping us with our marketing. For exampl, many of us who blog give our readers the opportunity to explore our own content and relevant content from other sites with “you may also like” type of options. Pinterest is now doing the same.

      • When you click on a pin to enlarge it, to the right you will now see the rest of the pins from the board the pin is on.
      • Below the board, you will see “more pins from,” which are pins from the original pin source.
      • If you scroll to the bottom of the pin and the pin comments, you will see “people who pinned this also pinned.”
      • To the right of that, you will see “related themes.” What a great way to explore Pinterest!

Pinterest is notorious for it’s horrible search feature, which hasn’t improved with this release, but I think making relevant content available in this way more than makes up for it.

Instant Access to Repins and Likes

Prior to the new release, you had to use in order to see who has repined your pins. Now you can easily see who repins with the new “pin it” button. Remember that little number to the right of the button? Click it, and you will be directed to the details. Remember, you can do this to see your likes, too! Boom, now we have instant access to all of our Pinterest love.


Oh, don’t we all just love analytics? So many businesses and bloggers are using Pinterest as part of their social media marketing plans. It is easy to see incoming traffic through your blog or site analytics, and it is great that Pinterest has finally jumped on board and started offering their own analytics. We are now able to monitor the following:

      • Pins, or average number of pins from your site.
      • Pinners, or average number of pinners from your site.
      • Repins, or average number of repins of your content on Pinterest.
      • Repinners, or average number of repinners of your content on Pinterest.
      • Impressions, or the average number of times your pins appear in your followers feed, in search results, or on another pinner’s board.
      • Reach, or the average number of times a pinner has seen your pin.
      • Clicks, or average number of clicks to your website from Pinterest.
      • Visitors, or average number of visitors to your website from Pinterest.

In addition to what you can monitor, Pinterest offers tips on how to increase your pins and engagement. How nice of them!

General Cleaned Up Look

pinterest clean upPinterest has done a lot of cleanup and made their look much more sleek. I love the new larger pin sizes, which is really in line with the web trends for 2013 and beyond.  In addition to the larger pin sizes, they have cleaned up the header area, moving the “categories” as a drop-down next to the sidebar, and removing the “add” and “about” options to the admin dropdown.

There are several other subtle changes in the new Pinterest, but these are the changes I think are the best, i.e. make Pinterest better looking, more functional in general, or give us as business owners and bloggers more opportunity for marketing, engagement, and relationship building.

Have you changed over to the new look? Please share your thoughts about whether you have or not in the comments.



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