Six Female Entrepreneurs Crushing It In 2017

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It’s no longer ‘the future is female.’  It’s now, ‘the present and the future are female.”  Every day there are new brilliant female entrepreneur arriving on the scene and shaking up the way we live our lives.  We are witnessing this movement in every industry on the planet, and with each new female entrepreneur, the boundaries of what is possible are pushed further and further.  These brilliant women are elevating the game and changing the world as we know it.  It’s time to stop for a moment and recognize a handful of the many female entrepreneurs that are putting their name one 2017. 
Co-Founders, DIVONA
New to the scene, but already making big waves, this duo of female entrepreneurs is disrupting the perfume industry in a huge way.  Focused on assisting women in need, when a customer purchases one of their twelve paraben/phthalate/cruelty-free perfumes, Divona allows the consumer to physically choose an item from a selection of socially good nonprofits, that will then be placed in a care package and sent to a woman in need.
Having both been the victims of emotional and psychological abuse, Paquin and Torreao da Costa, have an incredible amount of empathy for women who have been through the same life traumas.  Through Divona’s launch this year, these two are determined to start a ripple effect of social awareness and empowerment for woman all across the globe. 
Co-Founder, MAIN & ROSE
Main & Rose, Co-founded by Kelly Gibbons and Beth Doane, is an award winning, all female, full-service communication agency.  Focused on strategic and personal branding, this boutique agency consists of an all female staff, is not letting anyone get in their way.  Covering the entire United States, with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Denver, Main & Rose have become known for working with some of the most influential brands and media companies.
Gibbons and Doane, have been at the helm since day one, has perfected top-notch campaigns for brands such as TED, Rebecca Minkoff, and City of Hope. Working strategically with UN Women, they created the first HeForShe LA Media Summit to address gender equality issues in the media.  They also specialize in personal branding strategies for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to global non-profits.
Having started her jewelry line in her Santa Monica apartment in 2009, Ariel Gordon Maffei has come a long way.  Focused on designing pieces that are subtle and chic, Ariel’s vision is to create jewelry that can serve as a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  With every piece of her line being hand made  in downtown Los Angeles, Ariel continues to lead AGJ down a path of 14-karat gold success.  Having been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce and Jessica Alba, and featured in every publication from Vogue to the Wall Street Journal, this female entrepreneur is putting her stamp on the jewelry industry.  Always remaining on the cutting edge of business, Gordon Maffei continues to release style setting pieces on a yearly basis and most recently added a collection of nail polishes to her already sublime lineup.  Though she has been at the top of her game for some time now, keep an eye on AGJ, as they continue to push the boundaries of the fashion world.
Bix Pix Entertainment is a little studio creating some of the most awe-inspiring stop-motion animation ever seen.  Founded and run by Kelli Bixler, with her charmingly contagious laugh and heartwarming personality, Bixler directs a team of sculptors, artists and animators as they bring stop-motion animation to the mainstream.  Bix Pix is currently the creative force behind TumbleLeaf, an Amazon original series, which Bixler serves as executive producer on. 
Under Bixler’s guidance, Bix Pix is doing big things.  In addition to TumbleLeaf, they have been creating content for studios including Disney, Jim Henson and Sony.  Most recently producing a stop-motion episode of the Cartoon Network hit Adventure Time.  Having won countless Emmy, Parent’s Choice and Annie Awards in the last decade, it’s only a matter of time until Bixler unveils her next industry changing project.
After getting her first Kitchen-Aid mixer at age 19, there was nothing stopping founder and CEO Sarah Jones Garabaldi.  Frustrated at the lack of quality mixes and frostings at her local supermarket, this female force set off to raise the bar in the baking industry, and that is when she created Miss Jones Baking Company.  Determined to innovate the way people bake at home, Jones Garabaldi began testing and retesting loads of recipes until she settled on what her business is now all about.  Using only the best ingredients, everything at Miss Jones Baking Co is plant-based and responsibly sourced.  She adds no soy, hydrogenated oils or any or any of those suspicious ingredients you typically raise an eyebrow at.  Expanding rapidly across the United States, Sarah Jones Garabaldi and her incredible workforce at Miss Jones Baking Co rising to the top.  They will in fact have their cake and eat it too.
Sasha is a communications  and design expert who specializes in building brands through award winning creative and strategic marketing campaigns.  With an extensive background in online strategy her clients include bestselling authors, celebrity chef’s, world renowned artists, and multiple self-made 7 figure businesses. She leads a team of diverse engineers, designers and managers globally and is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs succeed.
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