First real challenge! And an inspiring tale from the past...

5 years ago

The first challenge has arisen!  And it's a doozie (I'm not sure how you spell that, or if people other than my grandparents still use that word).

I have a formal.  Yes, that is right, cocktail attire required event in two weeks.  Now, as a matter of nostalgia I do still have my senior prom dress hanging in my closet.  A 50's style vintage number made of raw silk that cost me $8 and flabbergasted my friends at my fancy high school.  Yes, that's right, even 10 years ago I was haunting the thrift stores.  There was one in particular that I would frequent, as they also took consignments.  They had an entire wall of "vintage" items that provided wardrobe treasures I continue to preserve.  One of these treasures was my prom dress.  I had found it one day while patiently perusing the aisles of the store.  It was maroon, 100% raw silk, square neckline and full-circle tea length skirt.  And it was way too big.  Plus, I went to a high school where the doctor's kids lived on the "poor side" of town, so anything less than $100 for a prom dress was fashion blasphemy.  So I left it on the rack, and probably bought something much less forward- like a scarf or quirky t-shirt.  The next time I came back, it was still there.  And the next time.  And I kept coming back to it, staring at it and feeling the fabric, wishing I had some reason to buy this dress.  And then one day it was gone.  I mildly panicked.  I rushed around the store to search the other aisles, feeling more and more morose as I failed to locate it among the other fancy dresses.  Finally, I glimpsed it in the clearance section of the store.  Yes folks, this thrift store had a clearance row (a frugal girl's DREAM).  Nothing had changed about the dress, no rips tears or stains.  I was so relieved when I found it that I decided to buy it.  Even though it didn't fit.  Even though I had no place to wear it.  Peace of mind is worth AT LEAST $8.  When I got home with the dress, there was no way to sneak it past my parents.  My stepmother looked it over, and then suggested she alter the size so I could I wear it to prom.  In true teenager fashion, I refused simply because she suggested it.  Go me.  But I loved the dress so eventually I relented.  As a result, I had a completely unique, personally fitted, awesome prom dress.  And my date wore tails and spats so we looked superb.

When I find the picture, I will post.

So that was a REALLY LONG aside.  I still love that dress.  However, I no longer have the body of a 17 year old and really don't have the time to re-alter the dress so I'm off again for the search.  I guess I'm also on the search for a good dry cleaner ;-)

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