Finding My Writing Voice

8 years ago

I am still working on finding my writing voices online.  I seem
to have a few themes.  I’m not sure I understand
how some zero in on a single theme unless they have another outlet for their other voices elsewhere.  I seem to have a
multitude of voices and themes.

One being that I
obviously despise banks.  I read in
Ladies Home Journal (May 2009) that in 2006 they have robbed customers of $36 billion in bank fees.  That’s a lot of
money.  That was three years ago.  Fees have gone up, the government is giving them more money to mismanage.  OK, I’m going off on that tangent again.

I also of course can’t help but write articles about Information Technology and Project Management.  You can’t spend thirty years
doing something and not have it be a part of your voice. 

My current state of affairs, disability, money issues, fighting with benefits and being denied benefits I should have been paid, trying to support my family on what little I am getting.  All that of course is a daily issue in my house.  It’s a loud voice in my head.  It’s going to come out
in my writing.  Of course, if the aforementioned banks would stop robbing me it would help…  yeah, I went there again. 

My kids.  Who doesn’t talk about their kids.  Single mom raises five kids and it wasn’t an easy feat.  I’ve got three in college and two in high school and they have all been good kids with strong, independent,intelligent personalities…  yeah, I have to brag a little.  After all, I’ve done pretty well so far as a mom. 

My illnesses.  I have support groups and networks and people
need to talk.  There are things I’ve
learned along the way from taking care, to filing for disability that can help others.  I feel I should share them to
try and spare others the pains I had to go through to learn the ropes.  

I just have so much I want to share; I want to "talk" to people out there.  Is it disorganized not to zero in on a single voice?

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