Finding Joy in the Mundane

3 years ago


“To grow and learn, don’t seclude yourself in a cave, live!”

Many of us think that real learning comes from the books, taking place within four walls or when alienating from the outside world. “It is only in solitude where I can hear the words of wisdom”, used to say a friend of mine. I say, throw yourself into the world and then your inner voice would have something valuable to share with you in solitude.  That’s where the real lessons are found. Truth is that every person, regardless of age or race, every moment, every creature, and every season represents a teaching moment if we are only willing to be attentive and open minded. I see it every day in the smiles, words, and gestures of my students; the friendly gestures of my new neighbors or the stranger who lets me pay first at the grocery store and then starts a jovial conversation for no reason.

Embracing the everyday perks of life as it is means giving you the chance of raising yourself up creating a better living. How do we immerse in the mundane? These have been my top tested strategies: 

  1. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. Yes, as simple as that. Beauty is all around us is we find the time to find it.
  2. Write it down. List all the things you are grateful for along with those you want to be grateful in the near future. The second one gives you a kick, something to motivate you to make it happen. If you are here reading this, that’s the best reason to say thanks. Wake up with a “this is my day” mind frame.
  3. Go within.  Life could turn chaotic at times. No matter how busy you are find time to be with your unique self, enjoy it, and reflect on what you are experiencing; unplug and pamper from the inside out.
  4. Reach out. Do something for someone else even if it is a smile or a word of encouragement. You never know the difference you could be making in that person’s life. Use what you have learned to help others.
  5. Stop the whining and blaming. Take responsibility and find joy in the unexpected.
  6. Get moving. Walk, run, dance, play. Do something every day to help you find your smiley frequency.
  7. Take your power back. Saying no is healthy. Say yes only when you really feel it. Use your innate inner wisdom to make the choices that speak to you. Speak nice to yourself.
  8. Let go. Surrender. Breathe. Take your time and listen to your gut feeling.
  9. Is there something holding you back from what you really want to do? Face it! Challenge it! Sometimes the only rock in your way is you.
  10. Connect. Cultivate close and personal healthy relationships. Find support in likeminded people. Share and listen to their personal stories. Nourish your spirit by connecting with others.

It has been said that your world would be the way you perceive and react to it. I believe it! I am a living proof. I am out there being part of the mundane, the simple, the unexpected, and the amazing. We all have to play in the dirt to experience its texture, its moisture in the morning with a watery smell, and its transformation into a hard formation after the sun has been hitting it all day long. That only happens out there! Where have you been lately? Carpe Diem!


Norma Casas

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