Finally I am Going to Lose Those 10 Vanity Pounds

5 years ago

I am going to get my figure back by drinking water! After much research this seems to be the first most plausable step in the process of getting back to looking fabulous. The supermodles drink a gallon of water a day, how easy is that?????

Am I fat? No.... but I went from a perfect size 2 to a bulging 6. Size 6 looks great on many women, but considering my boobs refuse to grow bigger than a "Nearly A" no matter what I weigh, I need to lose my tummy : )

What prompted me to think this weight gain was unacceptable?  Well for starters I am only 27. This is no time or me to start claiming metabolism failure.


I recently got back in touch with a friend of mine who happens to be the most attractive person I and most other people have ever met in real life. We met our last year in college and became fast friends. 

By the time I found myself in a state unplanned and unexpected pregnancy she was studying for her LSATs and I was studying for my GRE. Due to extreme morning, noon and night sickness, I was unable to attend graduate school. She she went on to Law School. She and I drifted apart.

Fast forward three years. We get back in touch and reunite over dinner. She still looks AMAZING. And my model thin figure has packed on a  good 15 lbs. It wasn't having a child that did it to me either..... it's the desk job! Not to mention the extra 2 hrs of sitting on my butt commuting to and from the desk job.

So maybe I am in a marriage that no little girl would dream about growing up to have......but that doesnt mean I can't look fabulous! I love food too much to starve myself, and I value my health too much to take diet pills or OD on caffeine.  So I will loose those 10 lbs BEFORE the holidays and here is my first step:

I am going to drink a gallon of water a day in order to:

- Remove toxins

- Stimulate Metabolism

- Eliminate the possability of confusing thirst with hunger

- Get more energy to be active by eliminating the sedentairy cycle brought on by dehydration

- Clarify my skin

Anyone out there, if you are drinking a gallon a day, I would love your feedback!

Today is day one........... I will let y'all know if i got to that 1 gallon goal tomorrow. I have to run though... pee break you know.





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