Figuring Out How to Go Green at Home

5 years ago

On Monday, you saw the bookcase that I rescued from a life of landfill and turned into my favorite bookcase in the world. This project was so great for a few reasons, not the least of which was becoming acquainted with The Home Depot's updated Eco Options website.

That website is an amazing resource for sustainability. There are so many different features available for you to evaluate your energy usage that it can help anyone go green. There is even a rebate finder for appliances that are energy efficient ... so if you're looking to upgrade to a more efficient washer or dryer, you can find out if a rebate is available to sweeten the deal.


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To begin with, The Home Depot is a great place to head to when you've got an idea in your head. If I'm being honest, sometimes only half the idea is in my head when I get there, but by the time I've talked with a few of their employees, I have a battle plan and the supplies I need to get it done. The Home Depot has everything, sure ... but their employees are so knowledgeable, and I can truly say that I've learned more from them than from any other resource.

Let's get back to the Eco Options website. If you have designs on going green, this website is the one for you. There are features on the site that can tell you the financial and environmental benefits of your green project. I found that feature immensely fascinating, and I even did the Home Efficiency Audit just for fun. I couldn't believe how much money we are wasting in our home and with a few green projects, we would be saving money and the environment. It has made me look at our home in a whole different light. There is also a LEED Initiative button, if you're dreaming of building a new house but want to go green ... yes, this website has everything.

I was talking with my husband about some green projects we could do based on some ideas from the Eco Options website. My husband, ever the penny-pincher, asked how much we would be spending on these projects: Would it really pay off?

I gave him one of those looks. I'm sure you know the look to which I'm referring.

So we did the math ... how much would we be spending, and how much would we be saving? The Eco Options site showed us that our investment in several different projects would pay for themselves in a matter of months. MONTHS. And we'd be helping the environment ... I believe hip people call that "Win-Win." I can't verify that for sure since I'm not hip.

Pay a visit to your local Home Depot or the Eco Options website.  The folks at The Home Depot know so much about home renovation and general household projects. I even had a lengthy conversation about the effects of homemade laundry detergent on washing machines and septic systems. They know everything, believe me, and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn. And check out the Eco Options website: You won't believe the changes you can make to your home that would save hundreds of dollars for you and your family!

This post is sponsored content from BlogHer and The Home Depot.

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