Feedback: The Art of Receiving and Giving

4 years ago
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Survival in the business world can be a cumbersome ordeal, that harshly diminishes any hope of achieving what you set out to do when you got there in the first place. One of the biggest challenges that comes with that territory is coming to realization of the evitable….feedback. Most people come in thinking that I’m doing good and the only thing people should be telling me is that “I’m doing good”. Well ladies and gent this may not be the case. In fact, within your career life, you will be put in a position to either receive constructive criticism as well as received it. Luckily I constructed a list of ways to receive and give feedback both in a constructive light. Remember feedback is not to make you run off crying or worse give up or quit, it’s there to make sure that what ever you doing, working on, or being in the professional world, makes you into the best. I  will give you some lessons and take aways on the art of receiving and giving feedback”.

Giving Feedback Tips:

  •  Acknowledge their accomplishments and remind them how they can build on from that. Remember always start with something positive they are doing because it prepares them for things that they are doing wrong. It also helps to not tear them down.
  • Guide them in how to change what they are doing wrong by providing examples on what could better or what the expectations may be. Don’t just say they are doing something wrong without giving them feedback on “Why” or “How”.
  • If they don’t know something, educate them on it or point them in direction of guidance. Don’t assume they should know it helps no one to make assumptions and it just waste more time. Even if it sounds obvious just tell them because if you are giving feedback chances are they don’t know.
  • Alleviate the fear of the unknown. I love when people do this because I hate criticism and the idea of someone tearing apart something that I’ve worked on. It always makes me feel better when someone says “Don’t worry”.
                                                                                                        Ways to Give Feedback

Receiving Feedback Tips:

  • Ask for more clarity on both positive and negative comment such as t “you did a nice job,” or ” you need to better on this”
  • Place clear boundaries around the feedback so that is remains constructive and not painful.
  • Just listen and don’t be defensive. You literally have to go in with an open mind. make sure you understand.
  • Always ask if there is anything else  because sometimes the person may several topics or components on the feedback but they can’t remember them all when its time to deliver or at least until they tell you “That’s all.”
  • Assume good intentions, and that the person values and wants to improve your relationship, even if the feedback expresses temporary dissatisfaction.
  • Be accepting: you have to take it all in before you respond. I would suggest giving yourself a minimum of 2 hours before responding so that you’ve had time to digest everything.
  • Always say thank you to person that is giving you the feedback. Keep them willing to give you more because at the end of the day it’s for higher cause and a greater good.
And this I leave you with!

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