fear and loathing in south Texas

5 years ago

This is not fashion post...

This past weekend I went to Houston to visit my father.  This trip happens once a year... or less.  I even stopped going for a while -- I felt guilty, but also relieved.  It may be true that we can't necessary choose our family, but we certainly choose how often we see them.

I'm finally at a point in my life where I feel like I'm figuring everything out.  Luckily, I am EXTREMELY blessed to have a small and wonderful family comprising of my Husband, Mother, Step-father, Granny, Pop, and my dream in-laws and brother-in-law.  I won the lottery by marrying into such a loving family.

My father and I have had a strained relationship, to say the least.  I could have no contact with him for over a year and it wouldn't be unusual.  It's sad, but I've learned it has nothing to do with me.  He has two other children who are much older who I think have a similar relationships.  All of this used to upset me -- I was always an extremely sensitive kid, and up until several years ago, it would still upset me, but not anymore.

Important lesson... let it go, people, let it go.

Seeking approval from someone who doesn't care is exhausting.  I let if affect my life in numerous ways, but I don't anymore.   I choose my family that is supportive, I choose my friends who I love like family, and I choose to no longer surround myself with people who do not have my best interest at heart.

I took a fun road trip with my Mom and Granny who were going to Houston for the fabric market.  (My mother has a darling fabric shop, check it out here!)  While they were at market, I went to see my Father and ailing Grandparents.  They are in their 90s now, and in poor health.  My father looked and acted exactly the same.  While I was there he handed me my birthday card -- it was unsealed and unsigned with a $50 dollar bill inside.  I thanked him for the card and he promptly asked for it back so he can reuse it... seriously.  (I should probably mention that my birthday was this past July, and my father is anything but poor.)  In the past, an act like this would depress me, but now I can't help but laugh.  After an hour of small talk and politics I was out the door.  No talking about future visits, just a half hug and I was gone.

No matter what, he is my Dad and he is why I'm here. He also paid for my college which is a lot better than many fathers.  Someday I will write a book about my life.  It is not to trash my Father -- all my visits down south have been too funny and weird not to share.  Kind of like an Seinfeld episode, only real.

Despite the card incident Mum, Gran, and I had a fabulous time.  Here are my iphone pics to prove it...


This is a totally uninteresting picture I took of my feet.  It is relevant because right after I took this pic, my Mom swerved and and missed a deer that was standing in the road.  Thank you Mummie Dearest for literally saving our lives.  And on another note, I'm now scared to drive at night.

As a kid, I was always memorized by abandoned TeePee Motel.  Ten years ago some lottery winners bought it and revamped it.  Someday I will stay there.

I want the chandeliers in the Four Season lobby!  Unfortunately, they were to big to stick in my bag...

My Gran and I *may* have smuggled some Sofia's down to the pool.  Oops.

Three generations enjoying margaritas!

My Mom HAD to cut off two rows of traffic when she saw a Sprinkle's on the other side of the road.  This is her idea of a six pack.


I'm sure many of you have had similar people in your life.  Thanks for letting me vent, and remember to focus on the good in your life!

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