Ten Things That Changed In Me When I Moved

6 years ago

Before I begin, I would like to briefly describe how I wound up on this farm, and to state that I am, by no means, a farm girl, but merely a city girl that loves to get her hands dirty. This is not intended to be a 'downer' post or a self-centered "poor me" one, but a few life lessons that I have learned in my 19 short years of existence, and possibly some tips for those that aren't coping so well with moving out.

 A year ago at this time, Me and my boyfriend had it made; our own house, I had no job and he was laid off (plenty of fishing and bonfires!). I had a snappy little teal sports car (R.I.P. Cavalier), and I spent most of my days on the back of a motorcycle, or zipping around on his ATV at 40 miles per hour (which is also a cheap alternative to a hairdryer). June rolls around, and the call list for his job comes out. His name is nowhere on it. About 60 people lost their jobs that month, and we lived off of his credit card and unemployment checks. I started working full-time as a housekeeper to help with the bills (I really loved that job!), and then he moved back to his dad's. He got tired of his Dad really fast, so he moved in with one of his friends, and another guy they work with (whose name I always forget). I lived on my own for a few months, and my boyfriend talked me into moving down here about three weeks ago. It's not extremely far from home (about 80-90 miles), but I really miss it.

First, we'll get the bad out of the way, and close this post on a happy note!

1. I don't leave the house - It's true. I am a social butterfly. Being stuck inside all day, with no transportation (I learned about transmissions the hard way) really takes a toll on one's mental health, especially if you love people. Also, it doesn't help that it's still winter up here in the Dakotas.

2. Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage - I don't leave the room that I stay in, except to take my dog outside or get something to eat. Me and my aunt back home joke that my boyfriend needs to get me a giant waterbottle and an exercise wheel, and a huge bubble for me to run around in when I get to go outside. I even came up with a rat name for myself: Jingles :) I'm extremely glad I see the good through the bad. That rhymed.

3. I don't eat as much as I used to - Living with three guys, it's either eat it all in one sitting, or save three portions fro the next day, and get nothing because your roommates ate it all. Sometimes there's leftovers, I love leftovers (if the guys don't eat them all before I can pick at them). Therefore, I live off of old Slim Fast, carrots, the occasional pizza, and TV dinners. I know darn well that they won't touch that Slim Fast!

4. Messy, messy, messy - This place is a pigsty. But then again, I don't expect a spotless barn with these three pigs. I try to utilize my strong stomach acquired from my previous job, and clean up after them, but it just gets messy within two days. Sometimes I want to give up all hope in cleaning, but then I remember that I live here too, and don't want to live with three guys and their gross hair clippings.

5. My attitude - I just haven't been acting like myself lately. I miss being a block from a gas station, I miss my cat (I had to leave her behind because they all hate cats), and I miss my family. I almost feel hopeless to get out of here. But then I remember the good... :)

Five good things (with photos):

1. I'm exercising more - Yes, without even leaving my room. My boyfriend bought me a Wii Fit, A.K.A. my exercise wheel.  It's really fun and it keeps me in shape!
Calorie Incinerator 

2. I'm losing weight - Not only from my exercise wheel, but from the guys eating all the leftovers. I've learned how to ration my food wisely, and to hide the good stuff and mostly eat what none of them like, like canned vegetables! I love beets.

3. Sunsets and stars - I've always loved the sky. My dad and I always went in the backyard and looked at the stars through his telescope. I try to go outside every night and take a sunset picture and put it on my Facebook!      
Midwest Sunset

4. I've been drawing LOTS more - I love to draw, and I think I could make a career out of it, with the right social network. Art has always been a passion of mine, especially portraits. This is one of my most recent ones.Angelina Jolie

5. I FINALLY have all the free time I want - With no job, all I do is run on my exercise wheel, read, draw, and blog. I've been trying to start up a blog for the past 4 years or so, but never knew how, nor had the motivation to. I feel it's a good outlet for my rants and ideas.

If you've read this much, I would like to thank you for reading my post! Check out my blog at http://ispeakwisewordsofwisdom.blogspot.com/

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