Farewell, Robin Williams

4 years ago
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Brillaint. Genius. Seriously Talented. Legend. 

All of these words and many more describe of the best actors ever, the one and only Mr. Robin Williams. Incredibly gifted and he will always be admired and loved and respected.

By far one my favorite movies of all time, is "Mrs. Doubefire". One of the greatest movies ever! I loved everything about it! The humor was off the charts. He and Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage"  was incredibly hilarious! The acting in that film was unmatched and definitely one of a kind.  They made it look effortless and that's the whole point of acting. To make things look effortless. 

He was one of the best people and I love him so much. He will be missed and loved forever. The entire world is saddened and I am, too. I know that I will appreciate All of the movies that he's ever done even more so. Because there will never be another like him. Never. He was definitely a King of talent.

I know that Hollywood will miss him. And it will never be the same without him. This world won't be.

Mr. Williams, We'll miss you forever. We feel so blessed to have been fortunate enough to see your talent and we are so unspeakably  happy that you so graciously shared it with us all. We love you so much!!!

Let us continue to pray for his family and friends.