The family mix.

4 years ago

She added to our holiday

Added stress that is

But, my Mom set the tone,

We all learned to accept her for who she was,

For the love of my husband.


Everyone in my family gave her a gift.

She in return had gifts for my family members. 

These gifts became the brunt of many a joke. 

One year, she was on an underwear kick. 

Yep.  She bought my Dad underwear.

He was so embarrassed.

The chaos of Christmas morning protected his dignity. 

No one noticed...but me. 

I saw him slip them underneath his chair. 

When he looked around to see if anyone noticed,

I quickly looked away. 


Later, when we could discuss it openly,

We laughed and laughed.

We were always flabbergasted by her actions. 

Dad wasn’t as amused as the rest of us. 

Why would she do that? 

He was offended but a good sport all the same. 


I received underwear too. 

More than once. 

The first year,

She gave me a pair of bikini panties.

They had a big heart on the front of them.

When you pressed the heart...

It played music. 


A few years later, I received another underwear gift.

They were red and silky.

They were a full panty.

They were huge. 

I did what any good daughter in law would do...

I returned them. 

The staff at the return desk kept apologizing for laughing. 


One  Christmas  I received clothing. 

A beautiful knit sweater vest, with faux fur on the front. 

Faux fur! 

The size was perfect. 

So was the food stain on I found on it. 


It was a tradition,

For my husband to give his Mom chocolates.

Not any box of chocolates mind you. 

The tradition had been well dictated.

They had to be Quality Street. 


It was a private joke between Mom, my sister and I.

We watched every year. 

We would catch each other’s eye,

We would share a moment. 


Each year, after my MIL opened her gift.

She would quietly put the box of chocolates aside.

Just as Dad had hid the underpants. 


Not once. 

Did my MIL ever share those chocolates. 


Every holiday there was something to giggle about. 

Although she didn’t know it,

That was her gift to us for many years. 

Sometimes we needed distraction

And a reason to laugh. 



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