A Family Experiment: No Car

4 years ago

Ever notice how The Universe will often force you into a healthy transition that you've been pondering anyway? Even when employing my very best avoidance and denial tactics, I'm always amazed how the mighty hand of Change will swoop in and rearrange my life's furniture with a sharper feng shui in mind. Swift acceptance is key, I believe.

Such is the case of one Portland family who'd been mulling the idea of going car-less for years. After a spendy diagnosis on the family's trusty VW Eurovan, they decided to take that great leap into a life of walking, biking and public transportation - yes, even in the rain. Other than the occasional car rental and/or carshare program (especially in winter), they will document their experiment for our benefit at going little blog:

We live in Portland, OR with 3 of our 4 children (the eldest has flown the coop). We have gradually been reducing our environmental footprint and improving our life by moving close to downtown and going down to one car. When that one car was diagnosed with needing a LOT of work, we decided it was time to see if we really needed it after all. We’ve made a 6 month commitment to parking the car and are hoping to make it a longer term decision. We’ll be documenting the highs and lows, the costs and benefits, what works and what doesn’t.

Our 3 year old loves riding on the back of my bike, and when we start to ride, she always says “are we going little?” And yes. Yes we are. Join us on our journey of going little and living la vida local.

Image: Mark Stosberg via Flickr


Read more about their no-car decision in the blog's debut post, 'we parked the car' - it will get you thinking, 'Can I do this too?'

~Heather Clisby

BlogHer Section Editor, LIFE & GREEN; Proprietor, Second Chance Ranch and ClizBiz


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