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5 years ago

I was reading A Holy Experience the other day (Ann Voskamp's Blog) and like it does so many days it punched me in the guts... She was talking about going outside of our comfort zones... and it spoke to me... she said:

“When God moves us out of our comfort zone —- into places that are way bigger than us, places that are difficult, hard, painful —- that even hurt — this is a gift.We are being given a gift.These hard places give us the gift of intimately knowing God — in ways that would never be possible in our

comfort zones.”


I have been living in my comfort zone for way too long... while we all have season's of needing to be in survival mode... I think I've been in one for going on 5 years and it's time to be done... it's time to move on... it's time to pull up my big girl panties and be who I was created to be. The problem is I thought I knew who the woman I was created to be was. I thought she was bold and opinionated... I thought she was a likable rebel who's motto was "welcome to crazy" and screw you if you don't approve... oh... and God bless you... (writing it out I am realizing she may be a tidge schizo too:):) It wasn't until a few weeks ago when a friend came to me and asked me if I thought I was who God created me to be. I was like "mmm I dunno, I guess I'm heading towards it." She looked at me and said no you're not, not even remotely. You can imagine my inner thought process, I had to almost physically keep my head from doing that sassy little "Oh no you didn't" head bob... but almost that same instant I knew she was right. I knew the prideful, rebellious spirit I once thought had made me a strong leader was not who God made me to be. 


without those things... without my sassy head bob and strong defensive nature... I didn't know who I was. I had been this way my ENTIRE LIFE... I thought they were the things that made me... me. I thought, although highly annoying to friends and family,  these were the things God would use in me to reach out to others and say the tough stuff no one else was willing to say.

That day my friend's words really just confirmed what I already knew God was doing in my life... he was starting a process of pruning off the ugly stuff that was keeping me from who he REALLY created me to be... after days of laying on the floor in a sobbing puddle (because hello, it's hard to realize you've been a total crap of a person for far too long) I know God was telling me that he was going to replace those things he was stripping away... he wanted to exchange the pride, rebellion and defensiveness for meekness, (whatever... it could happen) love, compassion and most of all over anything GRACE (so easy ask for so hard to give.) I know he wants me to be strong and be a leader... he has called me in faith to be an encourager and healer of hearts ... This is hard for me to admit... even harder to write and publish... now you know. Now I have to be accountable.


One of my favorite stories in the bible is when Peter and the disciples are in the boat and they see Jesus out in the sea and Jesus calls them... Peter was the only one who risked... the only one who attempted the terrifying... the only one who got out of the boat and the only one who received the touch of Jesus for his obedience. So when I read "faith is getting out of the boat" on Ann V's blog I almost wet myself... I want to stitch it on a pillow or tattoo it on my butt... so I never ever forget. Because sometimes the scariest thing, the thing we think we're not capable of doing is simply choosing to get out of the boat ... but it's also the only thing that's gunna transform us into the women God has created us to be. 

Being willing to listen and change and DO what we're supposed to do is TERRIFYING!!! Terrifying People!!!! Yesterday as I spoke to a group of women I barely knew, I was ten shades of sweaty and I actually thought at one point I might die... but I didn't. And as I left (with wobbly knees and a pitted out shirt:)) I couldn't stop smiling... I felt strong and fearless... and a little like this could be a the start of an amazing new journey in life. How incredible it feels to be who we're supposed to be... SCARY... but AMAZING!!

Do you know who you were created to be? Are you going for it?

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