Facebook Personalities: Whom Are You Marketing to?

4 years ago

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Do you post often? When I log-in to Facebook, often times I roll my eyes at some of the posts and enjoy some of the others. I have been using this social platform for the better part of seven years and counting. I have seen many changes and friended many people from different countries and all walks of life.

Facebook Personalities

In my line of business I have to take it a step further and ask myself; who are these people and what are they looking for? Since I work for a social media firm, I have the task of engaging on Facebook and I have to consider everybody’s needs and requirements when creating engaging content for my marketing strategy.

I have been able to define six Facebook personalities that make an impression on the feed. Here are the personalities and my suggestions for engagement.

  • The PHILOSOPHERS: The reflective, conversationalists that posts their insights and their views and ponderings of the world at large. Idealist in nature with a passion for sharing quotes, ideas and deep thoughts. Social Marketing Voice:Appeal to their sense of idealism. Offer insightful suggestions, quotes, beautiful imagery and idealism.
  • The LURKERS: They watch the stream, visit your profile and never post anything. BUT THEY ARE THERE!!!! Every once in a while, they will appear and post something, this is your opportunity to engage. Social Marketing Voice: Appeal to their curiosity by sharing and get them talking about their needs. Try to bring them to the forefront without embarrassing them.
  • The PROUD PARENT: They post pictures galore of their kids, play, school, events, updates and everything regarding their kids’ lives. Social Marketing Voice:Comment on their posts, praise them and encourage them to visit your page. Share back to school offers, seasonal comments, Pinterest ideas, and other holiday events.  
  • The DEAL FINDER: Loves a deal and “likes” all the pages that offer coupons and enters all sweepstakes. Social Marketing Voice: Share deals, coupons. You could probably encourage them to share an email where they can get more sales and coupons.
  • The ACTIVIST: Always has a cause. Are passionate about their beliefs, love to share their nonprofits and always supports politics and community outreach.Social Marketing Voice: Share your favorite cause or join one. Customers love it when a brand supports community and a nonprofit.
  • The Self-Promoter: Entrepreneurial, love to self-congratulate and share their achievements. Social Marketing Voice:  Notice and praise them, share their achievements and feed their egos.

Note, I will admit to recognizing a little of me in all these Facebookers! Which one(s) are you?

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Janette Leon-Speyer

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