Extreme Couponing for Free Jeans

6 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, Julie Godar forwarded an email to me about using coupons for fashion and asked me whether people really extreme coupon for clothing. My answer -- "Yes! I don't, but a lot of people do." I told her I'd find some posts about that and write about it at some point in the future. The future sure didn't take long to get here... before I knew it, I was using a coupon to buy free jeans.

You may remember when I shared some really awesome frozen food deals at Target but what I didn't mention was during the research phase of that shopping trip, I had seen a couple of people say they had bought free jeans with a $5 off any jeans printable coupon from the Target coupon site. That caught my eye and I ran over to see if the coupon was still available. I'd never even looked at the coupons for clothing before and was surprised to find myself disappointed at not being able to print that one.

I shrugged it off, even though TW and I both need new jeans, and focused on my grocery coupon deals until few days later when I learned, on Totally Target, that there was a text message coupon for $5 off of any jeans. I rushed to the bedroom to check my text messages -- nothing. Where was my Target text coupon?! NO FAIR! I ranted a little to TW about my missing text coupons. I double checked to make sure I had really opted into those text coupons (I had), and I went back to working on the weekend extreme couponing plan. About an hour later -- my text from Target arrived and sure enough... $5.00 off jeans! YES!

Unfortunately, it was right about that time that I got sick. Sick enough to agree to go to the Emergency Room. As usual, I was troubled by all of the things I needed to do but would not be able to do because I was sick. Luckily, grocery shopping was not one of the things I had to worry about because our stockpiling over the last month has made weekly shopping unnecessary. While I wasn't worried about the grocery shopping, I was a little freaked out about missing the opportunity to get those free jeans. I even planned to hand over my iPhone to TW, if I had to, so that she could head to Target without me and get those darn jeans before the coupon expired. That's how serious I am about saving money, with coupons -- I was going to give up my iPhone.

Luckily, a few hours in the ER with a couple bags of fluids, some anti-nausea and pain medication left me feeling better and by the weekend, I felt up to doing a little bit of couponing... including a trip to Target.

The clearance jeans had been well-picked-over, but we found some that we thought might be TW's size and she went off to try them on. She came out with a pair that she did not love but they fit and they were $4.98. When we checked out at Target, we had a pair of jeans, a box of Target Up & Up pain reliever, and a box of Target Up & Up allergy relief. I handed over two print coupons and my iPhone to be scanned. After tax, we paid .97. The cashier said that was the best use of coupons she'd seen all day. (And when I paid with the Target gift card I'd received a couple of weeks before, that made the entire deal all the better.)

I am now officially hooked on using coupons for clothing purchases. I no longer skim over the clothing coupons that are available on Target or the blog posts on the coupon blogs about great deals on clothing. I've even started popping into the Clothing Forums on A Full Cup to see if there are any big fashion deals available.

Some of these deals can be found by using online coupon codes. Others are for printable coupons or digital coupons that are added to customer loyalty cards. There are a lot of ways to save money on clothing, with coupons.

Check out some of the deals I've seen recently:

Do you use coupons or coupon codes for clothing? Do you have any favorite fashion couponing blogs?

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