Extreme Couponing and the Understocked Stockpile

5 years ago

I am dependent upon lists to keep me moving and help me get things done. I have daily lists, work related lists, book lists, and monthly lists, and I share these monthly lists every month in the BlogHer List Lovers group. If you click a few of the monthly lists, you'll notice that for the last several months I've had things like "clean the cold room" or "reorganize the stockpile room" on those lists and they haven't been crossed off. Yea, it's been a rough year.

You'll also notice that I didn't even bother to put either of those two things on my list for October -- I knew there was no way I'd get to either, not with me spending 10 days in Charlotte pet-sitting (and organizing my coupon binder). 

In typical grand-gesture-birthday-gift-style, TW reorganized both the cold room and the stockpile for me while I was gone. She bought new shelves and she got rid of a ton of stuff. She organized things and just generally made both rooms look fabulous. There's just one problem -- what happened to my stockpile?

When I left, on September 29, the stockpile room was overflowing with stuff. Open a cabinet -- a bottle of body wash would fall on your head. Go get a towel without turning on a light -- trip over a case of water. When I left, every nook and cranny was jam-packed-full of stuff. When I came home -- all of the shelves are bare and nothing lands on your foot when you open a door!

Either TW, her mom and the kids ate a ton of food while I was away, or TW is one heck of an organizer. Either way, it's a little disconcerting to see empty stockpile shelves.

I wandered around in there last night, moving things from one shelf to another -- trying to wrap my head around the new organization and get an idea of what we're low on and what we have in abundance. I was surprised by just how much peanut butter we accumulated in August (prime peanut butter stockpiling month) and was feeling really good about that... until I saw that peanut butter prices are going to skyrocket! Why didn't I buy six more jars when I had the chance to get them for less than $1 each?!


jars of peanut butter
Image Credit: thisisbossi


We've got a very nice stockpile of toilet paper and laundry detergent, but we're getting low on paper towels -- looks like a trip to CVS to take advantage of the Sparkle deal is in order. We've got a lot of tomato and mushroom soup but not much of any other kind of soup, (which doesn't bother me one bit, since I do not like soup but the rest of the folks in the house really like it when the weather gets cool.)

We also have no stockpile of ketchup, but we've got a ton of barbecue sauce and steak sauce and we're running a wee bit low on cooking oil and olive oil, but we have a ton of mayo.

It's really nice to have so much space on the stockpile shelves. It's much easier to see what we have (or don't have) and even easier to organize it so we're sure we're using the soon to expire products first.

And, if there's another good toilet paper sale -- I've got plenty of room for more!

I missed last week's Extreme Couponing show because I screwed up my mom's TV and couldn't get it to work again until the show was almost over. The only part I saw was a guy who was trying to fill his empty stockpile shelves before his mother arrived for a visit. I know just how he feels.

I'll be watching again this week (Wednesday night at 10pm ET) -- watch with me as I live Chatter/Tweet it. (And, if you have any ideas for things I should fill my empty shelves with -- I'd love to hear them!)

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