EXCUSE ME NOW....I MUST GO....SEE YOU LATER.....People Who Take Up Our Time....




I am such a polite person. Living in the South sort of makes me that way automatically…..I am friendly, outgoing, nice to everyone, and tend to let people talk all they want….I am a great listener….

The problem with being a great listener is sometimes people simply want to take up my time and more than I am willing to give…..I no longer allow people to simply take up space in my head or in my life that should not be there at the level they want…..I simply politely say “Excuse me, but I have something I must tend to….” I am polite about it, but I move on my way when I think anyone is going beyond what they should be in taking up my time or “head space…”.

I also don’t want to know everyone’s personal issues unless they asked me first if it is OK for them to share. Some people want to tell all their issues in life….Sometimes far more than I am comfortable with….It all depends on the level of friendship as well as the level of comfort…Some people I am very open and willing to hear what they have to say because I know they are coming from a good place and simply trying to come up with some solutions….

I remember growing up my Mom seemed to always collect friends she couldn’t get off the phone. She would have me pretend that I needed her for something so it gave her a reason to get off the phone, and even then the friend was still talking when my Mom went to hang up…..Some people there is no easy way to get them to quit taking up our time unless we simply “hang up….” I do like to do things politely but even sometimes that doesn’t work.

Our lives are precious and so is our time. Letting others take up our time beyond what we feel is comfortable or right is simply an intrusion….an unwanted one….For me I simply have a nice list of easy outs to get out of being taken advantage of conversation wise…….

“Excuse me now, I must go….See you later….”

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