Everyday Spirituality: Holy Moments in your Home Life

Twelve days ago, my family and I moved from Seattle, Washington to Copenhagen, Denmark. As we scrambled for dinner the first night—and ended up eating pizza topped with breakfast bacon—we quickly realized that Danes don’t have much of a take-out culture.

In Copenhagen people shop within walking distance of their apartments, usually from small grocery stores that have a very limited amount of pre-made foods. So, that means – yes—cooking from scratch.

Since that first fateful night, I have made dinner, from scratch, every single day. Eleven dinners. This is roughly the same numbers of dinners I made from scratch in the past, oh I don’t know, six months!

One of the loveliest things about changing cultures is the way it changes you. As my premade dinner options shrunk to an all time low, I’ve reclaimed the Zen-y nature of cooking. I’m remembering how I used to make fresh bread, kneading prayers into the dough for each person who would be around the table that evening. With each meal I am recalling how rhythmic and peaceful it can be to slice and dice seasonal veggies. And every time I’ve pushed away from the table, I’ve remembered how good it feels to treat your body as something holy by feeding it a meal full of nature’s goodness and free from preservatives.

Sometimes, when I’m doing something like making the third from-scratch meal of the day, I think “For this, I got a master’s degree.” But at other times I am reminded of the lovely meditative nature of home chores. Whether it’s really being present to the preparation of a meal, or listening to your child talk about their take on God, the home front can be a place of meaningful spirituality where you can experience holy moments, captured in the tasks of the everyday.

Jen Lemen has tapped into this everyday spirituality by hearing an unexpected message about Love around her dinner table, and by grooving along with Mama Zen.

Carla taps into her own household holiness by getting wrapped up in a soft towel – just one great example in her list of sacred moments over at Zen Musings.

The Ten O’Clock Scholar reminds us that the things we consider distractions in our day-to-day are not necessarily interruptions in our spiritual life, but “bells calling us to worship.”

Jennifer F. points us in an interesting direction by redefining what makes a monastery – follow her links to this article and you may find holy spots in your already every day.

And just in case all that talking about dinner inspired you, pop over to my previous site for some suitable soup recipes. They’ll warm you up body and soul.

May many holy moments greet you this day. Shalom.

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