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5 years ago

Every now and then, one just has to stop and think about things.

I find life very challenging now. There is much unrest and people are questioning things that have never occurred to them before. With questioning comes fact finding and research to see what paths one should take, what course of action is best, or whether the prudent thing to do is nothing at all.

While it is easy to see this lack of a firm direction as chaotic, it is also one of many options and opportunities. A while back, I was confused and wondering about things in my life, and as I often do to get my mind off of of my troubles, I went and took a "Penny Hike" on YouTube.

Penny Hikes were common when I was a kid. We walked up the street to the corner and flipped a penny. If it was heads, we took a right turn. If it was tails, we took a left. It was amazing and fun to see where we ended up, walking round the neighborhood passing the time with a best friend, maybe getting a Popsicle on the way. They were a whole nickel, but worth it, once in a while.

And so, one day on my aimless Penny Hike on YouTube, I used the mouse to click on videos at a whim, seeing where they would lead, having no directing purpose or intent. It was much like people flip open a sacred book while shutting their eyes, pointing a finger to the page to select a passage to read. I traveled around YouTube in the same way, seeing where my higher self would lead, going right or left on a whim, as I watch a number of short clips to clear my head.

Will you look what I found, both in one day, when I couldn't quite cut through my problems? Isn't it amazing? One after the other. After watching both of these videos, I had put my problems back into their proper perspective. Nothing seemed insurmountable.

This Korean singer was on the streets from the age of five on.


In "Part 1 - Finding Freedom," the underwater wheelchair enables
Sue Austin to go on a dream like exploration of an underwater world.

Spiraling up and out of myself when feeling down, thinking of others overcoming worse situations than mine makes me thankful. It helps me calm my thoughts into a more productive mindset. I just had to share my two new "uppers" and am so interested to know if these videos speak to you in the same way they do to me.


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