Emotional Menopause? Been There, Done That

5 years ago

Gold stars for all my dear Internets, my nomos, my non-moms, my infertile divas and my CNBCers (childless not by choice) — you have totally earned it. 

When was the last time you got some recognition for all your hard work? Your late night introspections? Your fertility-challenged epiphanies? All that and much more have contributed to your bona fide goddess growth.

What is the cause for celebration, you ask? Why are you being feted? You have graduated and you most likely didn't even know it.

You have navigated stormy seas and gone on to master an emotional turmoil stage of life that those in the throes of motherhood will confront long after we've self-actualized. While the mommies among us busy themselves posting what often seems like time-lapsed photography of their children on Facebook, organizing play dates, refereeing disputes and moonlighting as chauffeurs — you dear non-mom's have been transforming into your new and improved selves.

That's right, you've leapfrogged to the head of the class. Get the black pen out so you can check the emotional menopause box. While you may be years away, still, from the physical change you have bitch-slapped the emotional. Trust me, I've done my research here.

The North American Menopause Society explains it this way: "Menopause is a normal part of a woman's life, but at times it may feel anything but normal. The 'change of life' can also have a major impact on your emotional health. The transition into menopause can be a time of reflection, anticipation, sadness and confusion." The medical community has described it as (wait for it....) "an emotional rollercoaster."

You own the roller coaster!

Have you found yourself in recent years "flooded with emotions as the reality sets in that [you] will no longer be able to conceive a child. The impending loss of fertility can rattle overall identity as well as a sense of sexuality and desirability."

Well, of course! Been there done that — got the freakin' t-shirt. We, ladies, for once have our own reason for a little smugness. 

For more on the subject you have mastered, read here and here.
And now, virtual drinks for all my accomplished compatriots. What can I get you?

Pamela Tsigdinos, Author of the Award-Winning Book, Silent Sorority

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