Emotion in Motion

5 years ago

My final blog posting for February. March's topic is "Risk". I believe I have taken enough risks in February. So I may skip March.

The quote is by Mae West...."sex is emotion in motion".

With her, I believe that is accurate. I mean...well you all know what I mean....lots of motion, shall we say...

I am not even sure I can seriously discuss this quote. So I may discuss it sarcastically. That will be different....

Everyone knows about my body issues. My perception issues. My size dysmorphia. I used to say things like, "more pinch to the inch", "more cushion for the pushin", "more sound to the pound"...self-deprecating for sure.

If I were to put my emotions in motion....well, if the joint is a rockin' don't come a knockin'.

My emotions can be big. Huge even. Not in a scream my head off, bawl my eyes out 'big', but in an "I feel things deeply", "I love completely" kind of BIG.

Physical love can be expressed in a big way, for sure. Lots of moaning and caressing and hair tossing and sweating....

Good grief. This is wildly out of control.

You all are trying to imagine me tossing my hair aren't you? I get it. I was talking about Boyd, btw.

So...emotion in motion....I think it is an accurate description of sex. I have had some encounters that were so full of emotion; YOU would shed a tear if I told you about them. I have also had some banal trysts that were stripped of all emotion and yet full of motion. I will give you a second to digest that visual.

That's long enough....

Sex for me can be 50-50. 50% emotion, 50% motion. Sometimes my emotion is just consent. It is my marital sense of what is correct. I believe that I have a responsibility to keep my husband satisfied...and therefore keep him as my husband (!!). Not everyone subscribes to this belief and I get that.

I do not have any judgments around that.

The motion part has lessened over the years. I do not have the same motivation to dazzle in the sheets as I once did. Plus, this bod is aging. I have my moments...which going forward in my life will be referred to as “Mae West" moments. Moments that are reminiscent of the early days of courting and exploring and sizzling the bed clothes off the mattress. But, truth be told, with 2 young ones in the house, the decibel level as well as the acrobatic level, has been replaced by low voices, slight murmurs, and barely a squeak from a bed spring. Reality has squashed my "emotion in motion".

It is ok though. My family is intact. My husband adores me. My girls are happy and healthy and know without a doubt, that mom and dad love each other. Seeing us kiss draws "yuck" and "stop it" from them so I know it is all good.

I can rock my husband's world. He knows it and I know it. Sometimes all we do is "talk about it". That is a pretty emotional conversation. And if we are walking while we talk about it....well....there it is people...EMOTION IN MOTION.

I am no Mae West. I cannot begin to imagine what that would be like. She was kind of a rough and tumble, down and dirty, sex pot. That. Is. Not. Me.

Nope. I won't be compared to her. I have my own brand of rough and tumble, down and dirty, sex pot-ish-ness. It must be doing the trick too because Boyd is still hanging around and swooping me up every chance he gets.

If all the sex behind us will foretell all the sex in front of us....lordy, I need to take a rest. The next 20 years look exhausting.

I am smiling. Are you?

My sisters are cringing.


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