The Emmy's and Farmers Only

4 years ago

the emmy's and farmers only

The Emmy's and Farmers Only

So, there I was minding my own business, barely watching complaining about the Neil Patrick Harris Show Emmy's, when I finally caught a break and got to watch some irritating commercials instead of the song and dance that had been happening most of the evening.  

I sat there half dazed when I saw a horse start talking to a dog and then the damn cows chimed in, because cows just can't shut the hell up and insist on having the last word. Then I thought I must be more dazed than I had originally thought. 

Anyway, this is what went down:

Horse: Where's Jill?
Dog: She's really lonely out walking in the corn field again.

(cut scene to Jill walking in the freaking corn field)
(cut scene to some male farmer walking through a pasture of cows)

Horse: Do you think Dave will ever find true love?
Cows: Not hangin' out with us all day.

Male: (probably that dumb ass Dave who like to hang out with cows all day): We used to be lonely.
Female: (most likely Jill): Until we met on Farmers Only.

Emcee: Farmers Only is the new online dating site. Farmers, ranchers, and good 'ol country folks. 

Song starts to play: (It's probably those cows singing): You don't have to be lonely at Farmers Only dot cooooooooooom!

Their tagline? "City folks just don't get it."

You know what? They're right.

But then I realized that farmers need love too. 

But why only call it Farmers Only?

What happened to the ranchers and good 'ol country folks? And why did they leave out rednecks? Don't they need love too?

Inquiring city folk (who don't seem to get it) want to know!  

Do you know how many times I had to rewind that just so I could share it with you fine folks, hoping to enlighten your crappy Monday morning?

It doesn't really matter, because it was still better than watching the Emmy's. 

You're welcome.

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