Election Day!

4 years ago

Awoke early this morning. Excitement filled the air. Today we were going to cast our votes in  the presidential election - express our opinions - have our say. And we did.

I'm so ready for all the political advertisements and the infighting and back and forth bitterness and downright hatred to be gone. I can't remember an election cycle - ever in my life - that has been this dirty and hate-filled. I'm so disappointed in so many people who have screamed tolerance at the top of their lungs and, yet, refuse to practice it. It's just disgusting. I'm even going to "unfriend" any folks or pages on Facebook that continue to foster the discord after this election is finished. 'Nuff said.

Last week we had to make a quick trip to Texas. My husband got an email a week ago Sunday morning, while we were getting ready for church, telling him he needed to be in Austin on Thursday. So we did what we needed to do to be ready to leave on Tuesday.

The good part of the "quick trip" to Texas was that we were going to get to see my daughter. We haven't seen her since my surgery in January. I sure wish she would move back here. I really miss her. She's at the age where we are good friends - not just Mom and Daughter. And now that I'm well, we could have so much fun together. Maybe someday we'll all be in the same state again.

I also got to see my sister for a while on Thursday. She picked me up at the hotel and we ran some errands (hers) and then went to her house for a while. We had a nice visit. We hadn't seen each other in about 3 years. 

This week I am staying home! Seattle, then Texas. Next week Philadelphia and Orlando. I'm staying home this week. I have some things I want to get done around home and I just can't do them from my car. Go figure. I'm just not capable of being in more than one place at a time.

I decided last night that I have a lot to share regarding my personal journey through liver disease, failure and transplant. I was reading some blogs last night about others and their individual journeys through illnesses of all kinds. As with every journey, mine is unique and what I experienced may be of help to others. Therefore, I will be starting a series of blogs telling my personal story. (This is my way of making sure I'm truly committed to this new journey in writing - telling others about it.)

It's been cold here today. The high on my back porch reached a whopping 48 degrees. That's it! 48 degrees. It was still in the 30's when we went to vote. Brrrrr!

And blessings abound!

-Blessings, Debi

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