elaineR.N. and HomeRearedChef Share Wine and Time at Picchetti

Time enough has passed for two BlogHer bloggers—virtual amigas for the past almost two years—to finally meet, face-to-face. And what better setting to have as a first-time rendezvous—appropriately, for talking and getting to know each other—for breaking bread, than at a favored winery over a glass (or two!) of wine. And that’s after having already sampled little tastes from the winery’s variety of finest elixir. Now let me share some details about our delightful afternoon.

elaineR.N. and HomeRearedChef

Our prearranged meeting and destination:  Lunch; noon time; a picnic on the grounds at Picchetti Winery in the foothills of Cupertino, California. A fabulous lunch (wine included) of “build your own sandwich” would be most graciously provided by Elaine and spouse (Allan).

The excitement and anticipation of finally meeting and being able to hug my friend had been building for many weeks! (I understand the feeling was mutual.)

Hubby and I slowly and cautiously wound our way up the mountain, all the while enjoying the scenery. Until, at last, we made it and parked and waited on the ground’s parking lot. We’d arrived 15 minutes early, so we passed the time pacing and talking and watching for our hosts. By and by they arrived, promptly at 12:00, Noon. As soon as I saw Elaine’s smiling face from her car, and recognized that it was she, my stomach was all flutters and a smile was plainly obvious on my face.

Truth be told, we’d Skyped before and met on our computer’s screen. Still, it is not the same as when actually meeting in the flesh.

We smiled heartily, said our happy and excited hellos, and hugged.

I refrained from jumping up-and-down. I already knew I liked Elaine, first from our interactions through comments, then through e-mails, and then on Skype. I already knew I would love this lady!

We entered the wine tasting room and were met by a smiling, young and eager-to-please wine host, a gentleman by the name of Tom. He was most gracious, accommodating and informative.

(Thank you, Tom, for completing our moment!)

Our hosts brought along a fine spread of goodies: choice deli meats and cheeses and cold tossed salads and chips for accompaniments. They’d even chosen a fine bottle of Picchetti’s malbec with which to wash down our tasty eats. Yummers!

I should mention at this time that hubby (Bob) and I had put together on the previous night a homemade mayonnaise purely from extra-virgin olive oil. If I am allowed to say, it was divine and wholly delicious and healthy! Imagine, nobody bothered to touch the good mustard we’d brought along; only the mayo was used.

We finished the last sips of our wine with the indulgence of Godiva chocolates. I can’t even begin to describe how chocolate and red wine pair so excellently together!

We parted with more hugs and smiles and promises to meet again. Our hopes are to meet at Picchetti’s sometime in the near future.   :)

It was the best of times and one that we will always remember fondly!

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