El Gordo Spanish Christmas Lottery

3 months ago
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"El Gordo" is now a word for lottery players around the world. El Gordo is the jackpot of the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Two days before Christmas Eve, the headlights are aimed at the capital of Spain. The biggest event of the lottery world will take place in Madrid on December 22nd - the drawing of the Spanish Christmas lottery is due, El Gordo wants to be distributed. Incidentally, "sharing" is the keyword for the biggest lottery in the world. We invite you on a journey of collective happiness.

"El Gordo" means translated "the fat". In Spain, the name also generally stands for a grand prize, so other lotteries can also have their own "Gordo". The special feature of the jackpot of the Spanish Christmas lottery, is the huge sum that is guaranteed to be distributed.

This year, the following Christmas profits will be made at the Spanish Christmas lottery:

1x first prize: 4,000,000 euros (El Gordo)

1x second prize: 1.250.000 Euro

1x third price: 500,000 euros

2x Fourth prizes: 200,000 euros

8x Fifth prizes: 60,000 euros

1,794x Sixth prizes: 1,000 euros

In addition to these drawn lottery numbers, the following prizes will also be distributed:

Each 20,000 euros for the lot numbers directly before and after the main prize

Each 12,500 euros for the lot numbers directly before and after the second prize

9,600 euros each for the lot numbers directly before and after the third prize

297x 1,000 Euro for the lottery numbers that match the first 3 digits of the First, Second or Third Prize

198x 1,000 euros for the lottery numbers that match the first 3 digits of either of the Fourth prizes

2,997x 1,000 Euro for the lottery numbers that match the last two digits of the First, Second or Third Prize

9.999x 200 Euro for all lot numbers whose last digit matches the last digit of the first prize

What is El Gordo and how can the jackpot be won?

This year, for the first time ever, 2.3 billion euros are available in the 17 prize pools of the Christmas lottery. The grand total will eventually be distributed among more than 2.7 million lottery players. Alone the first profit class with "El Gordo" is already whopping 660 million euro.

Who wins "El Gordo" with a whole lot, gets 4 million euros. One of the exact 100,000 five-digit lot numbers will be assigned to the main prize guaranteed. Each lot is issued in a series of 165 pieces. 165 x 4 million result in the first mentioned 660 million euros in the first prize.

The Christmas lottery is a very special event due to the opportunity to win shares in one lot. Under the motto "The greatest happiness is to share one's happiness", even entire communities, families or companies participate in the draw in Spain. Also with us you choose comfortably between shares and a full lot.

The draw of the El Gordo winning numbers is not only a spectacle in Spain, but is being pursued around the world. We will also be in Madrid on the 22nd of December and report on the solemn ceremony on Lottohelden.de LIVE. You can win chances of winning until the deadline on December 22nd at 8:00 am.

The Spanish Christmas lottery is so popular because of the high odds of winning. The chance to win El Gordo is 1: 100.000 - for comparison: The chance to win the lotto jackpot is 1: 139.838.160. The odds of winning any of the Christmas lottery prizes is even at 1: 6.