8 Common Selfie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

2 years ago
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Ladies, let's face it; who doesn't love a good selfie from time to time, right? After all, you never know when that picture you took of yourself posing in that to die for outfit will come in handy. But then there are the selfies that you'd like to forget. You know what I'm talking about, the one's you'd rather pay someone to destroy than to see it posted on the Gram, (Instagram, that is...).

1 - Taking selfie in the dark

It may sound a bit obvious but the first rule of taking a selfie is to always use lighting. Not just lighting but awesome lighting, as lights can be the difference between an okay selfie versus a magazine cover selfie. Jordan Liberty said that light is no doubt, the best beauty product you’re not required to pay for. Instead of facing your television or computer screen, just turn toward your window for natural light. You can also just go outside and bask in the sun with your sunscreen on. Good lighting can help remove your under eye shadows and circles.

2 - Failure to use a filter

Of course, there’s no shame in editing your photo before posting. Don’t allow anyone to criticize you for that. Kim Kardashian and I love Facetune, which lets you subtly blur, morph, shape and define some areas of your face. Amanda Steele, a blogger, loves the filters on VSCO, but other useful apps are Adobe Photoshop Fix and Perfect365. If you don’t like your under-eye bags, you just need to blur them away! If you want to whiten your teeth, just go for it.

3 - Using too many filters

The first time I taught my mother how to use Facetune, she went ahead to blur out her face, she looked crazy but insisted that she looks good. When you’re editing, you need to use a light touch. It is very obvious to get carried away. Touch up the necessary areas. Those little lines around the eyes just make you look natural and human. There is a great tip I learned from Instagram’s Eva Chen: instead of selecting a photo filter, you should click on the filter itself until you see a sliding bar. You can therefore reduce the severity of the filter. This will make the photo appear less edited.

4 - It is dark, and you aren’t using snapshot app

If you are not near a window or it is dark, or, you’re in the club, or just relaxing on your couch watching a favorite program. How do you actually get a good selfie when there is almost no light? Snapchat. This app is indeed great. It has a front flash feature while the regular photo app on iPhones doesn’t have. If you have a Snapchat app, you just have to hit the little lighting/flash on the top left side and then take a selfie. This photo will not be a perfect photo, but I bet you will be able to see your face.

5 - You aren’t playing to your angles

There is a great piece of advice you can take from Kim Kardashian, by the way I'm sure her name speaks for itself. But in case you're not familiar with her, she has the coolest selfie captions. Go ahead and see for yourself. So, when you’re taking a selfie, you need to keep your chin down and the camera up.

There are about 5 people in the world who look great when they’re shot from under their chin and have not met either of them. When you’re taking a selfie, hold your phone in a way that the bottom of it is level with your eyes. You can do this by using a selfie stick. These sticks are ridiculous in every way except one: you hold them up high and make everyone look svelte in photos.

6 - Not using a timer

Lift up your hand if you have ever had half of your face chopped off while selfie-ing. It sucks if your friend’s arm was not long enough to accommodate you. While taking another selfie, you can tell your friend to set time. If you’re using an iPhone, you need to tap the clock image and then choose wait time. You can choose three to ten.

7 - Taking only one selfie

Kylie Jenner believes the best selfie tip is just to take lots of photos. Jenner said that she takes about 500 selfies and select the best ones. She says that, when you’re taking a selfie, tilt your head in different directions and change the angle slightly after each shot. This will give you a variety of best selfies. Always ensure that your camera has focused before taking a shot.

8 - Making a weird face

While taking a selfie, don’t look weird or duck face. Liberty has great tips for a natural-looking expression. Before taking a selfie, show confidence, smile, and show a relaxed expression. Liberty also recommends you to keep your eyes shut until the moment before selfie-ing. Expressions will look great when they are fresh.

So there you have it, the most common mistakes people make when taking selfies. Here's to not making the same mistakes as those that came before you.

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