eHarmony® Enters Recruiting Space

4 years ago

In today's ultra-competitive job market where hundreds if not thousands of applications are received for each open position, employers and employees alike seek ways to ensure the most compatible matches possible. Skills will only get you so far. Without a personality and culture fit, the marriage between employer and employee won't last. That's why the news thet eHarmony is getting into the recruiting business is surprising, but yet not entirely.

eHarmony announced in January 2013 that it will enter the recruiting space by the end of the year. Rather than the traditional approach of matching people to jobs, it's spin will be matching people with people. Considering a workplace is really just a giant macrocosm of relationships between people, the ideal of pairing people with people (like it does for dating) makes sense.

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More specifically, MediaJobsDaily™ reports in eHarmony Moves Into Recruiting Business:

Grant Langston, the company’s VP of customer experience, told Inc., “When people meet in a bar they evaluate these four to five superficial data points—is the other person attractive, are they a good conversationist, what’s their job, what’s their socioeconomic status—and then decide whether or not to ride off into the sunset.”

He added, “This is the same thing that’s happening in the hiring world: employers just evaluate these typical four to five superficial traits and make their hire.”

While using psychometric testing to aid in the employee selection process is not new , companies like and Springwise already take the spin of matching people based on personality type, not position descriptions, eHarmony already possesses a patented algorithm that works and a huge track record in the dating arena. Not to mention there has to be a certain percentage of job seekers that are already fluent in using eHarmony in their personal lives.

That doesn't mean the approach might not encounter resistance from both sides of the relationship. Inc. Magazing writes in Hire Your Soulmate? eHarmony Could Be Onto Something:

Langston (eHarmony's VP of customer experience) said the hard part for eHarmony will be convincing companies to divulge information which might not cast them in the best light—something competitors don't ask.  He added that reformulating the eHarmony algorithm so that it's geared towards delivering job satisfaction and productivity rather than an engagement rings will be an immediate challenge. 

"For the eHarmony algorithm, we reverse-engineered 800 marriages to figure out what made some good, some bad, and most importantly, what made them last long-term," he said.  "That's going to be a big challenge going forward: we're going to have to do the same sort of process for the employer-employee relationship."

What do you think about eHarmony entering the job "dating" space? Would you like or dislike being matched in this way? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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