The Economic Terrorist

3 years ago

Most actions in modern times can be categorized as some type of terrorism, creating a form of overkill for the word. One of the most disgusting and inflammatory acts of terrorism I have been indirectly exposed to was economic terrorism. 

 About a year ago an elderly white female, she may have been in her mid to late seventies, sat in a coffee shop boasting to a younger relative or friend about how she prevented Blacks and other minorities from securing jobs when she worked in Human Resources at a well-known corporation.  As I sat at my laptop and listened to the smut that spewed from this senior citizen's mouth I physically felt sick.  Several thoughts raced through my mind: did she know others could hear her, is she really proud of this crap, does she know this is unacceptable, did she just awaken from a fifty-year coma?

 The aforementioned person bragged about how she knew most of the minorities who applied for positions with her company were more qualified than many of the caucasian applicants but it did not matter.  She continued by stating that she would throw the applications or resumes in the trash; if by some chance they were hired she would poison the well to ensure that they would not get promotions or raises on her watch. She ended her rant by saying "I just didn't like them."

 After speaking of her wicked doings, she had the audacity to talk about how minorities especially "Blacks" were destroying the economy by having children with no way to support them and then filling up the jails by committing so many crimes.  I was taken aback by all the hatred, true ignorance, and misguided anger. 

 An individual who single-handedly denied generations of non-whites an opportunity to use their skills and education to make an honest living and contribute to the success of a company as well as a nation is an abomination.  Her actions were pure economic terrorism. It was like she did not connect her bias and bad behavior to devastating effects on the economy or to the groups of people she oppressed.  Then she blamed them and their offspring for issues she may have helped to create; the entire experience was surreal. Listening to her talk was like watching someone set another on fire then blaming them for burning down the area where they were set on fire.

This woman’s conversation made me think of why Affirmative Action exist.  It angers me to hear proponents of ending Affirmative Action speak as if it should be outlawed.  This is a sad but true story; I hope it makes people think about why things are how they are now and why certain laws have been enacted.

 -Niki Red

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