Eco-friendly business ideas for 2017

2 months ago

There are more than a thousand and one business ideas out there. However, most people face many difficulties trying to decide which one to start up with, maybe due to the high investments some of these ideas require, or for some environmental concerns. Well, the best green opportunities present an avenue for individuals to build new businesses with minor investments while contributing to the well-being of the environment.

One popular eco-friendly business idea today is the business of recycling used materials. The opportunities are enormous in the recycling industry, and anyone can take advantage of the ever-increasing market for used materials and waste products.

Recycling business ideas you can start up right away;

  • Recycling of scrap gold: Some people tag the idea of recycling gold as ‘gold mining,’ but they could not be more wrong. Gold recycling suggests the melting and refining of gold scraps into new pieces. The process is a lot less costly than mining, and the purity of gold does not diminish when recycled.
  • Recyclable waste collection center: Setting up a recycling plant can be a very capital-intensive venture, but one can still make a profit from starting a waste recycling business by setting up a center. You can then have people come drop off their recyclable items, from jars to cans and bottles. You can load the recyclables you have gathered and transport them to a larger center for recycling.
  • Recycling of construction debris: This process entails the collection of different scraps and materials, left over on construction sites after the necessary materials have been used up. Most of these materials can be recycled, and one can start a business of collecting materials like hardwood, electrical materials and resell them for profit.
  • Recycling of garbage: One can recycle waste from homes and commercial businesses by collecting debris is separate bins to help you determine to cost and resell value. Regular pickups of garbage materials can help your business generate consistent profits to grow your start up.
  • Recycling electronic waste: This is another great business idea that is somewhat prevalent in the recycling industry. The idea requires sourcing of scrap electronic devices and peripherals and selling them to recyclers who refurbish them and then resells the gadgets for profit.
  • Recycling of printer cartridges: Building a cartridge recycling business is straightforward and familiar too, thanks to how expensive printer cartridges are today. You can refill printer cartridges and sell them for cheap to businesses or individuals for personal use.
  • Recycling and filtration of cooking oil: One can get into the business of collecting used cooking oil from homes and then filter and recycle them and resell. Cooking oil waste can also be collected and sold to corporations for use in generating biofuels for heat generation and other purposes.
  • Recycling automobile tires: This business is not new to many people, and during the Second World War, tires were melted when there was a shortage of rubber. One major challenge with this business is finding tire recycling plants, but if you are can invest the time in searching for one, you can quickly take advantage of this opportunity and begin enjoying good profits.

There are so many recycling business ideas, much more than I can cover in one article. Recycling is the business of the future and part of the campaign to go green and to employ eco-friendly practices, getting into the business of recycling used materials is worth your time.

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