Easter: Eggs, Memories, Lamb Cakes and the Resurrection

6 years ago

Easter Sunday is a HUGE Christian holiday, in which we recall the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. It is coincidental with spring, and some would say had pagan roots, because there is a spring goddess named Eostre in Pagan tradition. The name probably did get fuddled by association, but earliest Christians celebrated this day at the same date as Passover, until it was determined that it needed to be held on a Sunday.

All that aside, for those of us who celebrate it, Easter can be a rich treasure trove of memories.

I loved getting a little Easter basket as a kid. More than that, I loved getting a new Easter church hat every year, and dressing up for church with my little white gloves, white ankle socks, patent leather shoes and a crisp and pretty dress. We didn't have a lot of money, but somehow Mom always made magic happen for Easter, and there it was each year -- a new hat for church.

I didn't like Lent much as a kid, but I loved celebrating that the people who tried to kill Him, failed. There he was, Jesus, walking along the road with his friends after he was supposed to be dead. I was so relieved that he was OK, and that we would be, too.

It felt that simple.

Maybe it is.

But there are tons of memories ... many having to do with THE EGGS! How many of us had multi-colored fingers after that dying adventure? How many of us learned that combining all the colors left a gray egg?

Emma, at Toddler Awesome shows pictures of her son Ollie systematically demolishing and enjoying a huge chocolate Easter egg!

Chocolate Covered Katie has some lovely recipes for yummy sweets, including a Lavender Parfait!

Jill Harness, at Mental Floss, shows us a zillion pictures of Easter Eggs, from the elaborate Ukrainian Pysanky to Felted Eggs, and World of Warcraft Eggs.

Jennifer at the Naught Secretary Club gives the recipe and many illustrations for making Krispie nests for Peeps on her colorful site.

As for me, I'll be cooking a traditional Polish meal -- kielbasa, ham, babka, eggs hard boiled in onion skins, water and some vinegar (they get to a lovely terracotta shade, potato salad, green veggies, and the ever-present at Easter LAMB CAKE.

The lamb cake is made in a mold like this. This is my Mom's mold. It is heavy cast iron.
lamb cake

Then it is frosted in a gooey white frosting, covered with coconut shavings and decorated to look like a lamb. Often they look like ...well, creatures from another, less sensible universe. But they are a fun tradition!

Ty, age 27, in Ty's Ridiculous Life loves Easter egg hunts even now. And she adds, "WI like to think that my parents have always been good with balancing the secular side of holidays with the spiritual side. Easter and Christmas both. We like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but we know that they're just the fluff of the holidays."

There is a traditional joyous Easter greeting, shared among Christians on Sunday. "He Is Risen!" that is replied to with a happy "He Is Risen Indeed!" I wish for you a splendid and joy-filled Easter, however you celebrate it.

What are some of your favorite Easter memories? Are you an egg-hunter? A baker? Did you ever get a new Easter bonnet? What are you doing this year?

~~ Contributing Editor, Mata H. also blogs right along at Time's Fool

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