Early Christmas Present - Self-Actualization

4 years ago

It took moving 6,000 miles away from home to find my domestic side... or any side actually, but for this post I'll stick with the domestic. It's one of the strangest discoveries that I didn't think existed, just like Santa Claus. Instead I found out it was simply dormant for the past thirty years, awakened only when the distractions of living in Los Angeles and America in general were taken away. It is an interesting thing...when I removed the ability to understand the language around me, magazines that subconsciously let me know I'm not living up to the world's expectations and reality television I find myself beginning to flourish into the person I have always craved. 

So on Friday night, as I was dancing away to Christmas music, baking cookie batch after cookie batch and trying my hand at homemade eggnog the world suddenly stopped. I hopped out of my beat-boxing body and observed the person before me. Who was this woman?  The normally angst ridden, self-loathing, relentless critic of myself was now the carefree, happy, excited about life woman moon-walking to Michael Buble's version of Santa Baby. Yippy! And what do you do when you discover happiness within yourself? You throw a Kristmas in Korea party for your few closest English speaking friends! Here are some highlights of the night:

My hubby cut this "Merry Christmas" sign out a wrapping paper and taped it to the door... I wonder what our Korean neighbors think!


Our White Elephant load before we opened them...Plus our traditional Korean phallus that seems to show up everywhere.

The gifts included a Psy face-mask... I've dreamed of having my face moisturized by a Korean pop star...

All our guests got a Santa hat when they arrived... This is Jen and I model them for you.

And of course my homemade Eggnog to top off the night! 


The party was such a success my hubby hopped out of bed the next morning to play with all of our weird White Elephant gifts! Love Him!


Merry Christmas everyone. I hope wherever you are you are happy, healthy and able to spend this holiday season with people you love. And if you aren't happy, healthy or able to spend this holiday season with people you love this year one day you, too, might find yourself moon-walking to Christmas music and enjoying parts of life you never thought you would or could...





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