Each Mom is a Super-Mom

a year ago
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Mom is a one-word solution for all our problems, be it sickness, failed love relationship, or financial crisis. She wonderfully resolves these problems to make the life of her child a perfect one. Although psychology says that there are more than 16 types of human personalities that exist in our society but I guess moms all over the world have only one personality trait and that is to love and care. Then again she is a woman, a human first before she is a mom and sometimes we forget that. So, to make her feel special on her special occasions we would need to disintegrate that mom part to find out the best gifts for her.

To make a simplistic approach, we have divided the personality type of moms into seven groups. So, know your mom and present her an enigmatic surprise.

Home-maker serious mom/Duty fulfiller mom
She is the heart and soul of the family and she is almost like a machine who never falls ill and even if she is sick, she would hardly let you know. For her, the family and its well-being is the epicenter of her life. She looks mostly like the Goddess Lakshmi who is beautiful and always has a smile on her face. The best gift for her would be a book on Vaastu-Shastra or elements to decorate her worship room like a marble throne for God idols. Because she believes in worshipping God and she would enjoy knowing Vaastu Shastra for the betterment of her family members.

Home-maker witty mom
She is that type who is vocal about everything that is going all around. She has the funniest bones and loves to be loud and humorous. With every serious or half serious, difficult or smooth phase of your life, she stood with you with her trademark one-liner jokes. Without her, you all must be feeling that there is no spice in the home. For such a wonderful zesty lady, get a smiling face mug or a selfie toaster which are quite popular these days.

Fashionista mom
Is she your fashion icon? From donning the traditional Dhakai Jamdani sari to the ultra-modern low cut jeans, she carries everything perfectly. The attitude with which she presents herself is always appreciated by others. You can nudge her to open her own fashion line-up of clothes and get her a place and do the registration of her company as a gift for mom on Mother’s Day. Pushing her to do something at which she is best would mean a lot to her life.

Traveler mom
Travelling is like meditation to her and she knows life and its bends more than you and me or anyone else. She has some lovely bank of memories of her travelogue soul and she must have done all that before marriage and before you. With your formation, she now has to adjust a lot to travel. You know those who are a traveler from soul they love to explore the world all alone because they take this up as a challenge. Bring that trait out of your mom once again and help her pack the backpack and go along with her to the lofty mountains and calm seashores and know her a notch higher and deeper. She would love to see her son/daughter in her footsteps.

Danseuse Mom
She dances like a queen and mesmerizes everyone with her dance troupe and you must be feeling proud of every show of her. Get her a chain with a pendant that reflects a dance move of a ballerina dancer. Or catch every dance move of her to get a personalized lamp shade.

Artistic Mom
She sculpts well or paints well? Whatever she does, she makes us feel that heaven is on earth with her stupendous creative pieces of work. Plan a tour for your mom that would encircle all the artistically famous places like Italy (Michelangelo), France (Pablo Picasso), Netherlands (Rembrandt), etc. She would get new inspiration to work after this visit.

Writer mom
She knows to narrate any and every situation from a very unique and different angle. If she still hasn't published any of her poems, passages, stories, or novels, do a favor to the avid readers by getting all her write-ups published and the first copy can be sent to her as a.

Each mom is truly a super mom and we should all respect that trait. If you are staying away from home in some foreign land, then with the online portals in buzz these days it is not difficult to send anniversary, birthday or mother’s day gifts to India

to make her special days memorable.

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