A Draft a day? Reading and writing through the fog

4 years ago

There are 53 'drafts' saved over at my main blog site - Blogger. 


Ideas just sitting there waiting for someone to come along and flesh them out. Hey, I said flesh and didn't include one zombie!!! Wait...doh.

I swear, the second I went Gluten free, as the fog from my brain started to clear (mostly), my creativity packed up and left for Bora Bora. 

So I sit here wondering if I should eat a doughnut, or maybe piece of bread. Maybe make a doughnut sandwich with a slice of pizza thrown in...over pasta, with some soy sauce sprinkled on for good measure. Maybe just go out to a wheat field and start grazing?

The havoc that would cause probably isn't worth it. Probably.

I think the real problem is that I've fallen perilously behind on my blog reading (there really isn't any peril, I just like the word "perilously"). Reading blog posts by other writers inspires me more than just reading a book. It isn't always the topic that inspires, but more their humor, seriousness, choice of phrase - it is all inspiring in some way and often prompts me to sit down and write....something. 

I think that is it - the nail on the head is my lack of exposure to my favorite bloggy peeps.

I pledge, from here on out, to catch up on the frighteningly high number of unread items in my Google Reader feed. In addition, I pledge to comment as much as I can. It seems the process of reaching out to other writers is what stirs the juices of creativity.

Communication is key, imagine that. 

Watch for me, y'all....I'mma comin' to a blog near you! Well, your blog...not one near you. OH hell, you know what I mean.

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