The double standard double cross

3 years ago

A double standard exists. It is apparent on the job, in sports, and of course in scandals. When a man cheats on his wife, he is an ass but no one drops their mouth agape like that is unheard of. Switch the roles and have a woman, publicly cheat on her spouse and she is a harlot, Sister Mary slutty, etc.  

Additionally, say in the case of Monica Lewinsky, the highly profiled cheater is sizzled in the press but Ms. Lewinsky is boiled in oil and hung out to dry while the public piled on and essentially ruined her life.

Does anyone remember the name of the woman Eliot Spitzer cheated on his wife with? How about the name of the gal Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his junk to? The name of that chick from South American that Governor Sanford was sneaking around with? Nothing?

But we all remember Mary Kay Letourneau and her illicit affair with Vili, the 13 year old student of hers.

It is dizzying; keeping up with which way the "standard" is doubled. A 50 year old man marries a 23 year old gal and he is revered. A 50 year old woman marries a 23 year old guy and she is a cougar and he is a gold digger.

I am not sure I can make a case either way.

Scandals are the heart and soul of our media in this day in age. When both people involved are of equal status and or equally popular, the rules of the double standard are applied to both sides and then reapplied double to the woman.

When those Twilight movie characters fell in love in real life and then the gal, Kristen something, cheated on the guy, Rob something...she was a crazy whore and he was a tragic broken hearted figure. But now I think they are back together and no one even remembers that she broke his heart or that he is as pale as a corpse. Again, what's my point?

I am supposed to give my opinion on whether I think there is a double standard when it comes to scandals.

In a word, YES.

In reviewing my posting, I realize that I know the names of more political/ private citizens involved in scandals than I do pop culture people. That shocks me a bit. If my husband was reading this, which he won't be..., he would be shocked too....mostly because he thinks I watch way too much TV. Can I just say that although he works about a 55 hour week, he logs around 30 hours of ESPN or actual games per week on TV.

It is positively scandalous.

Talk about a double standard.

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