Double Coupons..Triple Coupons...What does it all mean?

8 years ago

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I know that when you first start using coupons, you may think 50 cents off $4.00 is not going to make a dent in my grocery budget.  However, many stores offer bonuses that make it worth your while. Let's take a look at how you can save more using those coupons and the bonus couponing programs that many stores offer.  We will talk about double coupons, triple coupons, stacking and combining coupons with store sales.

Double Coupon

A double coupon is when a store gives you 2 times to face value of a manufacturer's coupon.  The way that this works in that the manufacturer pays the store the face value of the coupon as normal and the store takes the same value out of their profits for each coupon doubled. 

Here is is an example.  Let's say you have a Campbell's Soup coupon for 50 cents off one can and the can of soup is $1.50.

Price of Soup -Manufacturer's Coupon -Bonus Coupon = Final Price   Total Savings

$1.50           -         .50                 -    .50                =       .50           $1.00

Triple Coupon

A triple coupon works the same as a double coupon however the store gives you 3 times the face value of the coupon.

Let's use the same example with the $1.50 can of soup.

Price of Soup -Manufacturer's Coupon - Bonus Coupon = Final Price   Total Savings

$1.50           -        .50                    -      1.00           = Free                $1.50

Most stores will not give you the overage if the price of the item is less than the total discount amount of the coupons.  The computer normally will automatically adjust the discount to give you the item for free however there are always exceptions.


Stacking coupons is when you apply more than one coupon to the same item.  This normally can only be done in stores that have store coupons and allow combining with manufacturer's coupons.  There are also a few stores that allow you to add coupons to your store loyalty cards (VIC, MVP) via the internet and combine those coupons with paper coupons.

Here is an example of stacking.  Let's say you are buying a $4.00 bottle of shampoo.  You have a $1 off one store coupon and a .50 off one coupon from the Sunday paper.

Price of Shampoo - Manufacturer's Coupon -Store Coupon = Final Price   Total Savings

$4.00                   -       .50                      -   1.00         =  2.50             $1.50

Combining Store Sales and Couons

One of the best ways to save money is to combine the store sales with your coupons.  Most stores advertise sales in their weekly circular with their store loyalty cards.  You tend to get the best deals when you combine these sales with your coupons especially if it is a store that doubles coupons on a regular basis. 

Here is are two examples of combining sales with coupons.

Let's say you are buying orange juice.  The regular price of the orange juice is $3.99 however it is on sale with your loyalty card for $2.99.  You have a manufacturer's coupon for .50 that doubles.

Juice - Loyalty Discount - Man. Coupon - Bonus Coupon = Final Price       Savings

$3.99    -    1.00                -    .50                -     .50    =    1.99             $2.00

Now let's say it's the same scenario except the juice is buy one get one free.  Most stores will sell you one for half price in a buy one get one free sale.  Some stores willl let you use two coupons because you are technically buying two tiems, other stores have it in their policy that you can only use one coupon.  If that is the case, buy one at half price.  We will talk about store policies in my next post. 

We wiill do the example as if you are only buying one carton of juice in the buy one get one free sale with the same .50 coupon that doubles.

Juice - Loyalty Discount - Man. Coupon - Bonus Coupon = Final Price       Savings

$3.99          -   $1.99    -    .50            -    .50              =   1.00             $2.99

These are just some of the ways that you can use some of the extra programs that stores offer to save more money.  Please if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as possible.

My next post will outline the actual stores in the Hampton Roads area and their coupon policies. I will also do another post on couponing programs to include Register Rewards and Rebates in the near future.  Until then keep klipping, it's worth it!

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